the elephant trunk and democrat donkey will be down the drain and sunk…

it never ceases to amaze me how ignorant people can be sometimes.

i am currently taking public opinion course, and today’s topic was how people align themselves with various teams, religions, political parties, etc. most people were raised a certain way, and grew up in an environment that supported the red sox, were catholic, or were republican. we also took an anonymous survey, which identified us as strong republican or democrat, not very strong republican or democrat, independent leaning republican or democrat, or independent. needless to say, at a public university in the northeast, democrats were obviously the majority. republicans were a good 11 people, but in a class of 37….

anyway, comments were asked for, and this one girl (who i would have nailed as a republican, as a BAP from jersey…whose nickname is PRINCESS, no less) said something along the lines of, “i don’t see how anyone can be a strong republican. i just don’t think people are old enough to feel strongly. i don’t get how people can be strong republicans, it is appalling that people would be republican, strong republicans, and i think it’s disgusting that people can identify themselves strongly with that party.” she went on to repeat how disgusting it is that six of us in the class identified ourselves as strong republicans, and how we are stupid for doing so.

it’s lucky that i was sitting next to my good friend mark, who is a self-proclaimed “strong democrat,” because if i hadn’t been, i probably would have retorted with something very rude that would have gotten me permanently removed from the class…i was not alone in this, however, for although i was sitting next to a democrat, three other people around me were also “strong republicans.”

let me take this opportunity to explain why we were getting upset.

this party affiliation exercise was not about ideology, strictly party affiliation. when bush began screwing up royally (approximate time period TBD), it became cool to jump on the “i hate bush and therefore republicans” bandwagon. this leads to several problems.

first, there is the princess (and yes, my professor calls her that in class) problem. she couldn’t back up any of her accusations with solid facts. it led me to conclude that she is merely part of the population that said, “i hate bush” and did no research as to why she feels this way. unfortunately, this bandwagon phenomena has created liberals with no backbone. one thing about conservatives that i have always admired is that because we are in the vast majority in the northeast, and especially on college campuses, is that we have to know our stuff. we have to be able to back up our ideology and policies with solid ground. liberals, especially people like princess, like to make radical statements and then look stupid when they are asked to defend their position.

second, how could someone be that closs-minded? in fact, a gentleman named bill (a liberal) came to the defense of the conservatives in the room, saying that he understands that we believe what we do, and that it is appalling in itself that someone would make a statement such as that, because it is our own opinions and beliefs, and someone is going to be so ignorant and pig-headed, it does nothing but to promote foolishness and intolerance. lucky for me, bill jumped on that one, and he replied to her ridiculous comment much more eloquently and articulately than i might have beeen able to.

finally, and probably most importantly, for those of you who are liberal out there, please try to remember. bush is a republican. but most republicans don’t like bush. we are conservative because we believe in conservative ideology, not because we like the president. we’re conservative because we believe in a laissez-faire economy, weak and small central government, and opportunity for equality, not because we like the “no child left behind act” or the war in iraq or anything else that bush has done.

so the next time you’re talking politics, remember princess and her stupidity. remember the fundamental differences between the right and left (NOT between people), and remember that bush does not equal true republicanism. give us some credit where it’s due, and maybe if we do the same, we won’t have all this animosity.


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  1. maybe what the “princess (the bitch)” should know is that most presidents (including Bush) isn’t necessarily left wing nor right wing but more like in the center. Look at Clinton for instance. Although he is a self proclaimed democrat (and yes, i am also a liberal), some of the programs that he started were of conservative ideologies… i.e. NAFTA. I must conclude that although I dislike Bush, I am not one to make rash judgements about other conservatives out there just because of one persons ideology and how he percieves the world should be. For someone like her to have made such a statement just proves that she doesn’t know anything about the other party and what they represent. Maybe she just thinks that if Bush is this way, then the other party is the complete opposite of what he is.

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