people are always telling me that i need to be a little selfish sometimes. well, here is my list of wants. in no particular order…

i want to be That Girl. you know, the girl that everyone knows and loves. i want to be able to brighten someone’s day with a smile, and help them, and just be able to show them how much they mean to me. there’s nothing like feeling like you’re worth something.

i want a relationship where the guy i’m with is proud of me, and proud to be with me, in an “i can’t believe she chose me” way. i want him to feel like asking for something more would be being greedy. i want him to adore me, and think i am the most amazing girl he’s ever met. i want him to kiss me in front of his friends. i want his eyes to light up when he sees me, even if i’m in a bad mood. i want him to point me out to his friends and family and say “that’s her.”

i want to wake up in 60 years to the same face, with a lifetime of memories flashing in my eyes every time i look at him. i want to last. i want to make it. and when i look at him, i want to be able to see how much he loves me. if i could find a man to treat me, love me, and care for me half as much as my father does for my mother, i would never need to ask for anything else.

i want to be able to travel. i want to see the world. i want to meet different people, i want to see different things, and i want to take in all that the world has to offer. life is too short, and there is too much to discover, to stay in one place your whole life.

i want to know that i’ve made a difference in someone’s life. one person at a time. i want to be unforgettable, and i want to be an angel. i believe that i’m like the mary poppins of people, where i can touch someone’s life, and show them how much potential they have. i can help them to see how much they’re worth, and then once they are on their feet i can fly away to help someone else.

i want to have a beautiful soul. i want it to stand out. i don’t need to be extravagant, or self-promoting. i want people to realize that, and appreciate me. i want to be special, and i want to be unique. i want to be able to bring people together, to show them how wonderful life is when you share it with someone.

i want to be able to look back on my choices and not regret any of them. though i accept the consequences of my actions, i want to know that those consequences bring me closer to being whole and stable. i want to know that no matter what i choose someone will tell me it’s ok to feel as i do, and want what i do, and to be what i am. if i have to learn the hard way, i want to have enough strength to get through it on my own. i want to be ok by myself, so i’m great with someone else.

i want to fall in love without fear of ever getting hurt.


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