So is that what you call “a getaway?”

brand newOh, Brand New. Sums up high school, whenever I feel like screaming lyrics at the top of my lungs, and my general attitude towards certain people at the moment. The song in question is “Seventy Times 7,” and if I could figure out how to embed YouTube, or upload videos or something, you could click a link or watch instead of reading about them. The other songs I love are the ones you yell, wasted, around a campfire or something. They’ve come a long way, and always make me feel better, which lately is something I’ve been needing a lot of.

On a happy note, Jack’s Mannequin is coming to Toad’s Place in a month (exactly one month after amBilly Joel sells his soul to Obama). I’m pretty excited. I was always a Something Corporate fan, being a pianist, and this will be the third time I get to see Andrew McMahon in concert. 🙂 I have to admit his SoCo days were my favorite, but I think JM has a lot to offer. Love those dorky emo punk piano rock guys.



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