Well I Guess this is Growing Up.

I have a 50-mile/one hour commute to work, so I listen to the radio a lot. And today, I’m not quite sure what they said, but something in their morning show reminded me of when I was younger. Those carefree days, when your biggest concern was being picked last for kickball teams at recess, or not having the latest and greatest songs on your Walkman. We honed our negotiation skills at snack time, trading bananas for Gushers or Fruit Roll-Ups, and we began networking with older kids, so we would have a sort of protection from the school bully.

800px-Pog_CollectionAt my elementary school, in the earlier years, we played with POGS. I don’t know what that stands for, and I don’t know who came up with that idea, but god, I loved POGS. I had hundreds at one point, won from other kids in my class. We would stack them, then hit them with slammers to try and flip them over, and if they were flipped, you could keep them. My elementary school banned them after a while, since it was a very crude form of gambling. Oh well. 6a00e55000fedd883400e55242a3288834-800wi

We used to have snap bracelets too. I loved those things. They would hurt sometimes, and sometimes they’d cut your wrist, but they were so shiny and colorful….just had to have them! I liked the animal print ones, and the ones that were iridescent and shiny. I love the whole idea of them. I have real bracelets now (I’m still holding out for that tennis bracelet…I like green…think emeralds!), but I won’t lie, if someone gave me a snap bracelet, I’d probably wear it…

nkotbI miss the original NKOTB. I want to hear a squeaky, pre-pubescent Joey McIntyre singing “Please don’t go giiiiiiiiiiiirl!” and the whole gang saying “Whooooooaaaaa ohhhhhh ohhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ooooo! Hangin’ tough!” And they’re from Boston; they have these terribly, horribly fabulous Boston accents. Yeah I know they’re on tour now, and yes I know that their collective age is like 170. They were still great when they were first out. And if I weren’t broke, I totally would have gone to see them in concert when they came to Mohegan Sun or something like that. Don’t judge.

But mostly, I miss the fact that I was so happy and carefree then. I miss no stress, I miss playing on the monkey bars at recess, and I miss the times when things were simpler.



  1. I miss the care-free days too! ooo the slap bands and pogs!!! the memories… actually I have my pog set with all my slammers still at home as I randomly play it still time to time. and haha NKOTB, i remember all my older cousins being in love with them and going to their concerts. a good post to bring back memories.

  2. ahh , crap . i wrote a comment and it disappeared !!. GREAT . lol . anyways . i’ll write another . OHEMGEE !. snap bracelets =D =D i love those !!!. been looking everywhere for ’em now but they’re just extinct .]=

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