This Is Where I Say I’ve Had Enough

I want to thank everyone for their empathy and encouragement. It’s nice to know people (who don’t know you personally) care, even if it’s just a simple “I’m sorry” that takes 10 seconds. It’s comforting, and helped.

I think my pity party has lasted long enough. A day or so of “Woe is me” is quite enough time to get over myself. And since my resume has been updated, I’ve begun sending it to friends and colleagues for either feedback, shameless promotion and/or delivery to HR departments, or otherwise.  There are few jobs online that look promising, especially since my experience level is far less than I wanted it to be when I left this past job, but them are the ropes.

I do think it was probably a bad idea for our friends to leave the dark chocolate covered pomegranate though…at this rate the entire bag will be gone, and I’ll be 5 lbs heavier.

At this point, I think it’s a blessing in disguise, in that I can now focus on finding a job that I will enjoy, at least a little more, and will pay a little more, so I’m not living paycheck to paycheck. It also affords me some time off to reflect on what I really want out of life. It’s forced PJ to be more responsible (to the point of year-long budgets laid out by color-coded spreadsheets, allowing for bills, vacation, racing, and other expenses), and me to really consider where my money goes, and what I do and don’t need. It’s dragging me into a new phase of life, and I think it’s a good thing.

Even if it sucks for now, it’s good to take a step back and just breathe.



  1. So you’re optimistic? That’s awesome. The last thing xanga needs is another emo person lol.Having the will to set a budget for myself is something you definitely need to teach me… because sometimes I end up buying a lot of crap I don’t need D= Well honestly, I think we all really need to go through that sort of thing in our life. Humility and responsibility. An old friend of mine once told me, “What goes down, must come up.” I agreed with him, then realized how backwards that sounded lol. But with a little patience and dedication, we can make anything happen, right?From this point on, I wish you a lotta luck. I can read the future, too. It says that you’re going to get back on your feet in an even better condition. You’re also going to race a handsome young man sporting an FD.

  2. I would offer to forward your resume on to my company’s HR, but they sent out a memo in November-ish that they were freezing outside hires.  Lo siento.I think all of us suffer from not enough experience.

  3. YAYYY. Atta girl! =DRYC – I’m Chinese. There’s nothing else to REALLY look forward to as a Chinese, in my opinion. I mean sure there are always the little “fun” festivals like the Moon Cake/Lantern festival and uhm… whatnot (LOL!) but Chinese New Year is THE big one for us. So everyone does take it upon themselves to go all out. New decorations, new clothes, lotsa food… It’s a pretty cool atmosphere to get caught up in.This year, I bought all my new clothes myself. I’m kinda stoked to plan out my wardrobe (haha I’m a neeeerd, I know!) but the funny bit is that I didn’t get a lotta red. Oops! BTW, you’re Chinese too? [= I thought you’re Korean.

  4. I need this kind of attitude towards the bad in my life… but that would be me just saying it and not feeling it really.  I’ve always shunned optimism.  I feel it doesn’t prepare you for the reality of life… Murphy’s law sounds more correct to me.  But yes, I’m glad you see it the way you do, and I almost envy you for being able to.

  5. @whoaamello – I am Korean, raised by Italians, speaking Japanese, and marrying a Filipino…I’m all screwed up! But Koreans still celebrate the new year too. Except now that we’re not young, it doesn’t count as much anymore 😦@babjengi – I’m a cynic first and foremost, but I am heavy on personal responsibility and self evaluation. I think my support network has a lot to do with me being positive about most situations. I find life is a lot easier to deal with if you look through rose tinted glass.@whotakethmycoke – I appreciate the gesture…but aren’t you from Jersey? 😛 We’ve had the Jersey discussion before, haha. @sonychak – Thanks–I am looking forward to going to work and not wanting to kill myself every day! @Takingthe38th – I’ll race you….if you can keep up!

  6. You left out: and I celebrate Chinese New Year! LOL. But no you’re NOT screwed up! You’re… TODAY. You’re now. You’re 21st Century! =D You’re globaaaalized. LOL Which is totally cool since we’re all heading towards the whole “one world, one nation, one people” direction anyway.Oh yeah, d’you still get red packets with money in them then? [= [=

  7. @whotakethmycoke – Ahhh, where and doing what? When I visit the city, especially around holidays, I try to avoid Times Square….tourists are SCARY!@whoaamello – No, no more monies 😦 No more anything. But I did buy myself noodles, so I will probably try to make some sort of New Year’s dish, if only just for me.

  8. @jdrop - I’ll pm you that, I don’t usually post it for the world to see.  Times Square can get scary at times.  mostly scary at how dumb some people are (crossing the street with oncoming traffic, stopping suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture with 1,000,000,000,000 people ready to trample them, and so on).  just have immovable shoulders and watch out for the shady characters and it’s actually pretty nice.

  9. I’m glad you’re taking everything in stride. I’ve seen a bunch people go through a lot less who have had a pity party which basically turned into a pity forever. Your strength, resilience and overall outlook on your situation is really inspiring. best of luck with everything :]

  10. whoops, that sucks =(  i’m trying to get internships now, and it’s certainly not going well so far…so in some sense i feel your pain, and in another i have no idea what it must be like (and hopefully never will).

  11. I dig the new profile photo! Did you draw that then? I can’t draw to save my life but I love colors ❤ Thanks for your latest comment. LOVED the Billy Joel line at the end. Hope you’re dealing alright with the job whatnot [= Have you started putting out your resume? I’m sure you’ll be getting callbacks in no time. Just remember to give it time. A watched pot never boils.

  12. @whoaamello – @Takingthe38th – Unfortunately, I can’t claim any artistic talent. PJ drew that for me before we started dating…we were talking on the phone, and he was drawing, so I said, “Draw me!”I’ve applied to one place so far (I forgot how long cover letters take!) and I have contacted a few friends who are passing out my resume. Until then, I can only keep my fingers crossed.

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