Now I Ain’t Sayin’ She A Gold Digger…

Ok, I know I promised no more negativity and “I hate these types of people” posts, but today, I just can’t help myself. My best friend sent me this article from the New York Times, and I thought it would be another “2974560318472946 jobs lost today, the economy sucks” article. But no, in fact, it made my day and made me feel kind of good about myself, because I’m as self sufficient as I can possibly be.

If you don’t want to read the whole thing, either because you just don’t like reading, or because it makes you sick that there are still women out there like this, just take a gander at the fifth paragraph:

In addition to meeting once or twice weekly for brunch or drinks at a bar or restaurant, the group has a blog,
billed as “free from the scrutiny of feminists,” that invites women to
join “if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle
service has all but disappeared from your life.”

Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me?!?! Scrutiny of feminists?!?! MONTHLY BERGDORF’S ALLOWANCE?!?! I’m sorry, but if I want Prada shoes, I’m going to earn the money myself. That, and I am absolutely, definitely going to criticize the 20-somethings that believe it’s a travesty when their boyfriends and husbands can’t afford bottle service. If that’s being a “feminist” then so be it. Earn your keep, ladies.

In addition:

“One of his best friends told me that my job is now to keep him calm
and keep him from dying at the age of 35,” Ms. Davis said. “It’s not
what I signed up for.”

On big news days, like when the first proposed government bailout
failed in Congress, or when Lehman went belly-up, they knew that plans
to see their partners would be put off. “I was like, ‘O.K. I signed up for that, it’s fine,’ said Ms.

Honestly, what is wrong with these women?! Since when do you “sign up” for things in a relationship? When tragedy strikes and affects your boyfriend, you’re mad because he’s depressed and instead of being pampered, you have to take care of him?! You signed up to be shallow, lazy, kept, and selfish.

Times have changed, the economy’s changed, and we need to change with them. If that means getting a real job and supporting yourself, looks like you’ll be searching CareerBuilder alongside me. And this isn’t the Victorian Age. We can do just as much as the guys can. Which includes foot our own Bergdorf bill.



  1. I studied Mandarin for a year in college, but that all went out the window when I had Korean for 1 1/2 years. I can read Chinese almost as well as I could back then, though. Listening and speaking definitely went away.

  2. And you’re always so nice!!! LOL Thanks for being the first to leave a comment <3Though after I looked through the photos I couldn’t help thinking how much I looked like a LITTLE BALD BOY because I’d pulled my hair back. Gaah.Curse bad hair days. :S

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