You’re What Makes New England So Great

There are a lot of reasons I love New England.


I love having the four seasons…nothing beats a hot summer day or a crisp autumn walk. Even though my electric bill has been through the roof this winter, due to my electric heating in the apartment, I love winter too. Right after the snow falls, everything seems so fresh and clean. And walks in a warm spring rain bring up the hopeless romantic I’ve tucked deep inside.

The beaches in New England are top notch. No, we don’t have white sands, swaying palm trees, or the biggest waves. But for me, this is how the shore is supposed to be experienced: sweltering days, cool, salty water, and the sea air whipping your hair around.


The Boston Red Sox.


The pace of life here is unlike any other. It’s a caffeine powered, multi-tasking, quick stepping whirlwind. I think this is the thing I like best, and what drives me absolutely bonkers when we travel to other places for racing. Everyone else is so slooooow, and can take their time, and are out for a Sunday drive. Get me my damn latte, and get it to me now! I don’t have all day!

I always remember (fondly) this time in China: The URI group was paired with a group from Azusa Pacific for company tours, and we were going to tour the Coca Cola factory. In between class and the trip, we had 45 minutes for lunch. URI said, “What are we going to do with 45 minutes? Eat, shop, nap…possibilities are endless.” AP said, “OHMIGOD ONLY 45 MINUTES?! We have to hurry, I bet we’ll get sick from eating that fast!” It just goes to show how different our pace of life was.

coca cola group shot

Indeed, I do love the pace of life here. But lately, it seems like someone is trying to interrupt my smooth and ever-faster flow by having every cashier I’ve chosen be training and needing someone to hold his hand, or the customer forgot something, or his credit card won’t go through. Every car I end up behind decides to do exactly 2 miles under the speed limit, and be going wherever I’m going. And, I kid you not, every person in every public place I’ve been in the past week and a half has been in my way or in front of me in line for everything I want. The obnoxious pre-teen boys in the snowboarding section of Dick’s Sporting Goods just playing in the aisles. The mother in Stop and Shop whose life depends on the choice between Barilla and Ronzoni pasta (side note: Barilla is better). The mother who takes her daughter to the bathroom and ends up taking both stalls and the kid pees on the floor. The hooligans walking across Rt. 372 when my light turns green, even though they just had about 45 seconds to cross when the light was red.

Since it’s been about 10 days that I’ve been noticing this phenomenon, I figured it’s time to really think about it. My mom always said when you’re in a hurry, and driving quickly and someone slow gets in front of you, it’s an angel sent from God to tell you to relax and slow down. I’m not particularly religious, despite the fact that I’m a practicing Catholic, but the more I think about that theory, it starts to make me think that maybe someone upstairs is telling me my entire life has to slow down, not just my driving. Don’t be in a such a rush, don’t forget to enjoy your life while you’re young. I guess I have gotten a little wrapped up in the Find-A-Job-ASAP-And-Get-Back-In-The-Rat-Race thing. And I guess I do forget to appreciate the moment sometimes–I rarely stop to smell the roses–I just don’t want to be left behind, and I’m trying my hardest to keep up. I think I get lost in the shuffle sometimes, and that’s a perfect time to appreciate what everyone else is missing because no one will notice…I probably should slow down.

But I wasn’t kidding about the latte…



  1. Mm… yes, slowing down definitely has its advantages compared to constantly rushing to accomplish the tasks ahead, despite its less productive nature.  Time stops for no one, so if you keep rushing through it, you may lose out!!!But yes, waiting for lattes is a waste of life.  You should kick the cashier in the head next time 😀

  2. I live in the Boston area. And I can eat my lunch in about 8 to 10 minutes ahah. I swear most kids go into high school as regular eaters and come out as voracious little monsters!

  3. oooooo, i miss new england!  i went to URI as well!!!!!   i have seasons here (pittsburgh)  BUT it’s still different,    i miss the beach!!!!  and newport!

  4. Aw, you should’ve went! That does seem like an awesome opportunity.Cancer is the worst. Really, it’s the one thing I’m scared of more than anything, and I’m sorry about your loss. It’s soo difficult, I’m glad you understand me. It’s sooo true, I do have senioritis. I was voted “most likely to have senioritis” in my yearbook this year. 😀 hahah.

  5. As a former NY’er, I can agree with many of your comments, but there’s something to be said for warm weather and a less hectic lifestyle too. I ❤ San Diego. =)Having seasons is nice, but I’ll never miss or long for the icy ocean wind in the winter or sleet/ice. Winter snow is lovely to look at in the city, but hellish to navigate through.

  6. @LetheOfHeaven – There are some kids on my car forum from Dudley. It’s funny…you live closer to my house in RI than you do to my house in CT 😛@SoullFire – And see, I love the ocean in the winter…it’s so violent and cold. But I’ll give you the sleet and ice one. I hate driving here in the winter…people think they’re driving on new pavement in the summer no matter what time of year it is.@ToxicAva – Really! When did you graduate and what department? As much as I said I hated URI (beacuse it’s RI, and I grew up there), I really had a great time. Newport’s changed a lot over the past few years…it’s sad.

  7. Huh? Webcomics? I’m confounded-_- I think you wrote that wrong. Anyways, Fear is a story that I wrote back in Feb 2008 on Xanga, then after a few people asked me to try and actually write it in book form and try to get it published, I spent about five months actually rewriting the story, with tons of changes! But so far, no agent is biting-_- Anyways, if you look to the right of your screen, where it says, “The Lasting Legacy of Fear,” that’s where the site of my story is.I haven’t been there in a while, so it’s rather old^_^

  8. Yeah, we have those kind of “drive fast no matter what the road conditions are” folks here too, which is why accidents spike when we get rainy weather.San Diego is interesting because the weather flucuates greatly during the winter months. It can get as cold as the 30’s inland as night. But a few days ago we had a warm spell where the temps hit 80 by the afternoon. Here’s a recent entry I wrote that shows you can take the person out of NY, but not NY out of the person..I think you’ll be able to relate. =)

  9. @jdrop – 2005.   PR major, one of those awesome majors, i know. lol.   poly sci minor.  you?   was on gymnastics team…….now that they dropped it’s kind of sad…..newport changed???

  10. @SoullFire – Very nicely done, haha.@ToxicAva – 2007 Econ and Poli Sci, Italian minor. I loved the PSC department! I had some friends on the gymnastics team, Kylie and Rec, but I didn’t know they dropped it 😦 Newport is suffering the same effects of the economy. It seems more cold and vicious; stores closing and stuff–snobby summer residents are still coming and going though.

  11. Yay!!   I love them.  Rec  was a fresh when I was a senior, Kylie I think was a soph.   Both of them so cute!   Yea unfortunately they dropped it, this is the first year without.  It’s kind of weird not being able to follow the team anymore.  What are you doing now?   Are you using your majors??   Def not me.haha.  I used to love going to Newport, too bad it has suffered like everything else. 

  12. Hey babes, this comment is in regards to your latest post (which you have disabled comments for) :It’s always funny how life gets us down like that. Even though it’s like we’ve done nothing to deserve the kinda shitty treatment it shows us but I guess it’s all some kinda adventure. It’s a challenge – just like in fairytales – to set the real winners apart from the losers and even though you’re down right now, remember you’re not out just yet.I know it gets hard but HOLD ON – the rewards are worth it [=And you have a LOT going for you… you just have to take a step back and really see what’s in front of you. Friends, PJ, your family, your health… I’m sure all those count for something right?I’m sorry, I suck at “advice” but if it helps, just know that you’re not the only failure ’round here kay? [=Hope you feel better soon babe. Aaaand, to reply your comment on my Blogspot journal :the song I sang in the vid I posted once upon some time is The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson (Fact: the song was used in an Old Navy commercial!). Just for laughs, here’s the link to my vid : click!Go ‘head and laugh as loud as you want at how stupid I looked/sounded/was acting Sometimes that’s all you need. One REALLY good *big* laugh.XOXOX

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