You know what really hurts?

Seeing pictures of a lovely Newport wedding on Facebook.

A lovely Newport wedding that happens to be the wedding of a used to be close friend from college.

A lovely Newport wedding, where the guest list consists of people you spent four years with, cried with, laughed with, and drank with. You shared hopes, dreams, parties, cars, held their hair back, held them when they were sad.

A guest list that all suddenly dropped you like a hot potato when your relationship with your ex didn’t work out, and they all sided with him (because he was in the wedding party).

A guest list where you thought you were friends outside of that relationship, and were sorely mistaken, considering you learned about the engagement through someone else (and Facebook).

It hurts to think that I was the one that was exiled. I have no happy memories of college now.

Fuck them.



  1. I’m sorry, that sucks! It hurts when people who you’ve invested so much in just brush it all off, isn’t it?I think that wedding pictures are both the best and the worst part of Facebook.

  2. It may initially hurt, but when you really think about it, it’s really a good thing since you are far better off without associating with shallow fair weather friends like that.You just received the truth first- that what they may appear to be isn’t real.

  3. that seriously blows. if that happened to me, I’d began to wonder whether the four years of friendship was even real. Looking back at photographs, I would wonder if the smiles on their faces are genuine.Srsly, that blows.

  4. I know exactly what you mean… except that I still go to college with the people who do shit with my ex and without me and post it up on facebook.Trying to make people pick sides is always a way to lose friends though…

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