Failure to Launch

“Can we have a volunteer please?”

Oooh, oooh pick me! Pick me!
“You! Yes you, the gigantic ball of FAIL in the corner!”
Oh yeah. Gigantic ball of fail doesn’t even begin to describe it. I completely and utterly blew the second interview. Or should I say “Test of Data Manipulation using MS Access” that was sprung upon me two hours ago.
I walked in and was greeted by the recruiter, who said,  “So did Sarah tell you that this is a test?
I kind of went blank. You don’t spring tests on me. It just doesn’t happen, and I don’t do well. I was That Kid, who started studying for midterms during the first week of school. You should have seen what happened when professors tried to do that to me. So despite the fact that I have barely any Access experience (I’m an Excel girl), a little advance notice would have been nice. I probably looked like a deer in headlights. My hands were shaking and I nearly burst into tears. 
I’m telling you, you don’t do stuff like that to me. Not with the word “test,” anyway.
So after 90 minutes, the guy that I really like comes back. I was stuck on questions, wasting time, trying to make the 920,000 line database work in Excel, giving up, and getting frustrated. We went over the test, and I ended up with 2.5/5. It was embarrassing. The .5 was his fault; he set parameters in his question that he didn’t actually mean, but 3/5 is hardly better. Either way, it’s still FAIL in academic terms.
I am so pissed off. I need a drink.


  1. I would say it’s an epic FAIL on their part for not telling you a test would be taking place.Unless the job requirement specifies that you have to perform in “movie like” crisis situations where you have to show expertise in new areas on a moments notice, then they did you and themselves a disservice by throwing this at you pop quiz style. Not may people would do well under those type of conditions. You have every right to cry foul and say you would have performed better if you would have been given advance notice to prepare, and they should give you another opportunity to be tested.If you feel you can do this work, definitely call back and ask for another test.

  2. @SoullFire – Well, the guy I would be reaporting to went over all the procedures and answers with me, and I could do it now, so that would be cheating, and I’m not a cheater. But yeah, I was totally blindsided.@whotakethmycoke – Excel FTW. Just not with 65000+ line databases. 😦

  3. hahha a couple months ago i was filling out a bartending application and then the manager came and started grilling me and i couldnt even tell him the recipes of the easy ones i felt like such a dumbass. i haaate being put on the spot!

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