The Hardest Part of Breaking Up

Relationships are complicated, and don’t always work out for the best. 
Today on the radio, they were having people call in to talk about their breakup songs. It was interesting, what some of the people were saying, from Bon Jovi to Chris Brown, but it got me thinking. Does everyone end up with a breakup song?
When I broke up with my first long-term boyfriend, I listened to “Goodbye To You” by Michelle Branch and the entire Your Favorite Weapon album by Brand New (I highly recommend the latter–there’s nothing like angry girl pop punk music). I think the screaming lyrics in my car really helped me move past the relationship and start over, despite the fact that they were written about a cheating girlfriend and a crappy best friend. 
They were saying angry music, or uptempo stuff, will help you get over him/her more quickly. The sad, sappy songs just make you sad. And sappy.
I wonder: Do you have a breakup song and story? There are lots of songs out there…someone has to have something good!


  1. I dunno about a song like that, but I do know I will never listen to Collide by Howie Day ever again since it reminds me of the ex. I think angry music and hitting the gym everyday helps with the coping though.

  2. The break up song I have for my ex is Toto – Hold the Line (Love Isn’t Always on Time). You know who has good break up songs, Lily Allen; “Smile” and “F*ck You” are pretty funny upbeat sh*t talking songs.

  3. I totally dont have a breaking up song….I havent broken up with someone recently enough to notice either…if I start thinking about my boyfriends..ahem, ex-boyfriends…I think “thanks for the memories” by Fall Out Boy..I am not sure why. but I do. (it doesnt help I am not over one of them)

  4. I actually don’t have any break up songs.  But to torture myself, I would listen to “our” song while we were together.  I was such a masochist.  *sigh* I still am.  But every time I hear “our” song, it would hurt less and less, with each passing day…I would slowly think of them less and less but never miss them.

  5. I didnt have a breakup song per say, but I used to talk to my ex a lot after I dumped him, so I need a song to release me from him. ‘Now that we’re done’ by Metro Station made me realise what a fool I was acting around him. So sufficient play back of that song, I deleted him everywhere and havent spoken to him in 2 weeks!!! YEAH!!! I LOVE THAT SONG.

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