Thoughts from the Midwest

I am somewhere in Iowa. Maybe somewhere near Des Moines. And yes, it looks like every teen football movie ever. And kind of like Footloose, when Ren moves from Chicago to the little town. I swear this state is one giant cornfield. We’ve been driving, without stopping, since 7:00pm last night. My brain is a little fried.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:
1. Everything is so ridiculously far away. I know we’re spoiled in the Northeast, but wtf mate. I’ve got 2:42 left on the GPS, and I have serious cabin fever. The hotel is an hour from Lincoln, and 20 minutes from the airport. 
2. There is a reason there’s an obesity problem in the Midwest, and in the South. We’ve stopped at a few different places to eat along the way, and there was so much grease on my breakfast that I probably could have done every Long Islander’s hair into the Gotti, and still had enough to cook with. That, and I saw her throw the lard on the grill. Even my salad was drenched with dressing.
 3. I question my sanity. Sure, I love my hobby. And “Yeah, I race cars” is pretty cool. But driving to the middle of the country, from the Northeast, to spend as little time in the race car as possible (it will probably totalaround 3-3.5 minutes) is a little crazy.
4. I can’t go for more than 24 hours without internet. PJ paid to be able to tether his Blackberry to his computer so we could be online while driving, and I swore I could go without internet till the hotel, but I couldn’t. What is wrong with me? 
5. I have to pee and it’s like 45 miles till the next rest stop. >.<


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