No Baby Kthx

Ok so last night I watched a show called I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant.


You’d think it would be one of those amazing “I-can’t-believe-that!” shows, but no. No effing way. It turns into a freaky, surreal, paranoia. Sure it’s rare. It’s so rare, there’s a fricking SERIES based on these occurrences!

“She gained just 3 lbs, and oh my God I just gained 3 lbs!” “She had normal periods the whole time!” “She was only a little nauseous if she didn’t eat and drank coffee, and that happens to me!” “She was only 110 lbs and I’m 110 lbs!!!” “She had 0 symptoms!”

Believe me, it’s not a good feeling to be analyzing yourself, and whether or not you could be secretly pregnant.

I’m completely paranoid now. No sex for like, ever. Till I’m ready to have children.And maybe not even then….but ok seroiusly any of you that know me know that this is not possible. I don’t like going more than a few days. But I am really paranoid. 



  1. dude i saw one episode of that show and i think its total bs =P  theres NO way that there are THAT many women who have pregnancies and don’t even know it… especially when you have a 3-5 lb being in your uterus =P  seriously how many people do you know that have had a pregnancy and not have a big belly?sex is great!  one of those things that just helps make your day better when its good =)  i just wish my partner were home more so i could enjoy it more >.<  maybe finding another one should be in order? JK =P

  2. @LiQuIdCrAzN – Sex is fun. That’s how we know God exists, and he is good. Because he made survival of our species a recreational activity!…But it’s not fun if results in a secret unknown pregnancy! I’m seriously freaked out. Though PJ said “No, those are special cases and all white people. It’s a white person thing.” It made me laugh. It’s a scary thought. @whotakethmycoke – At least I’m not watching shows about Jersey….

  3. hahahaha…”it’s a white people thing…” hahha!!! You would know if you are pregnant….you want to know why you would know?  Cuz your flipping about the possibility of not knowing. Even if you thought you were preggers, you would test…it’s a goober show.

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