Intramural Sports

My brother and I were talking about relationships yesterday. He has dated one girl, for 3 months, and most of their relationship took place on AIM.

Me: Look, Zac, you’ve never been in a relationship like that, so you can’t really understand….I mean, you and Ashley weren’t really….
Zac: Yeah….she was like an intramural sport. You have fun playing, but you don’t really take it too seriously.
Me:……did you just compare your only relationship to something like dodgeball?
Zac: YES! Exactly! She’s like dodgeball! You have fun playing, and it’s a good concept, but when you try to take it professional, it just doesn’t work.

And we wonder why my brother is single.



  1. hahaha, your brother is cool. i get his reasoning though. I think he may have just hit the nail on the head for me! Im a recreational online dater. LMAO!I’m not permanently leaving xanga. I just want to sort this academic stuff out. Its like one thing after the other & now I have to call some ppl at a mine to find a new research project that can boost my CV..I think you call it a resume? Since the current plan is to work abroad from 2014 onwards. However I will keep you updated & heck you might catch a post from me this week.xoxox

  2. @whotakethmycoke – Other reasons he’s single or other reasons his ex girlfriend was like dodgeball?@tulipB – @Yohkom – My brother isn’t all he’s cracked up to be, but he does come out with some gems sometimes. He’s 23, and he’s not really dateable material (yet).@tulipB – I’ll miss you, don’t leave forever. Some people call them CV’s and some people call them resumes. It just depends on with whom you’re speaking. Best of luck with everything! 

  3. dodgeball…a relationship like dodgeball…hmmm, I can see the analogy…and I kind of like the analogy…but, if you are comparing your relationship to dodgeball…it’s prob. a good thing the relationship ended.

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