Death of a Salesman

It doesn’t know it yet, but today is the last day my BlackBerry will be alive.

It’s been good to me. We’ve shared good times, good calls, good pictures, good texts…it’s taken much abuse in the form of be dropping it, slamming it in car doors, and splashing it with water. It’s gone through four Hello Kitty themes, and crashed only a few times.

It’s started to show its age; it was purchased, used, a year ago off of eBay. As one of the first Curves to come out (ca. 2007), it doesn’t have WiFi, or EVDO capabilities. It’s slow to connect to the internet, and adding a theme makes it even slower. My battery dies within 8 hours, and I can’t just dial a number and call from my call history. It’s recently started to make fax-machine-like noises during phone calls, will disconnect randomly, and signal strength is significantly lower than a newer phone.

Today, after nine long days of waiting, I will go to the Best Buy Mobile store in the Meriden Mall. I will walk in, and say my name and that the manager had a phone on hold for me. And I will pay the $230 for my new phone and a screen protector. Today is the day I will receive my Droid Incredible.

And if I walk in, and find out the manager lied, or the phone was accidentally sold, I will be quite upset. And I will have to open up a can of whoopass on the salesman. No joke.



  1. I recently switched from Blackberry to this phone and I love it. I thought it wouldn’t as business oriented friendly as the infamous Blackberry phones, but with some tinkering and app downloading, I find it more useful now. Enjoy the new phone =D

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