My friend is a videographer. He works for a company that does all sorts of stuff. And he is working with a Chinese company for some ESL/CSL software.

They needed an Asian female…so I got this message on Facebook:

“Hey, I might have volunteered you for something by accident haha. I’m working on a project right now that needs an Asian female. You came to mind, so I showed the people I’m working with your picture and they were interested in putting you into the mix. You don’t have to do much, just use a computer for a couple of hours with a headset on while we film it. Nothing crazy and actually I’m not even sure it will be shown in the US. The pay will be around $200 for the day. It’s not guaranteed you’ll get the part because we need to submit a few different people to see who gets approved. I wanted to check with you before it went any further though.

Is this something you’d be interested in?”

Sure, why not. This is the picture he submitted, which is arguably not the best picture of me, but oh well:

It’s literally been 6 weeks, and I’d forgotten all about it. Then, I get this message today:


Sorry it’s taken so long, but you are on the short list of people that they’re interested in using for the video I’m making. Give me a call today when you get a chance and I’ll fill you in. You’re probably the most promising since you got picked by the Chinese office 🙂

After a short phone call, I was picked because “There are a lot of politics that we don’t understand, but the Chinese don’t like the Japanese or the Koreans, and even though you’re Korean, you’re the most neutral-looking Asian, and you’d appeal to the target audience.” They also added another scene, a restaurant one, where at first I’m confused because I can’t understand the waitress, and then I’m happy because I do (most likely because of the super ESL/CSL software).

I also made sure that they know I don’t look like a typical Asian…as in I am not built like them. 

He said that the camera can do magical things….whatever that means >.<

I go for a screen test on Monday night, and then we see where to go from there. I hope I don’t suck at acting!



  1. congrats!!! and good luck. you look cute in that picture!btw dont u love it when you forget about something that you applied to and all of a sudden you hear from it and its good news? love love love it!

  2. I can understand why the Chinese could be anti-Japanese (WWII), but the anti-Korean stance is surprising.It should be a fun time- don’t forget to ask if they have any auto racing software that they need a model for. =)

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