Fuck You, Economy

As of next Friday, my position is eliminated.

Not only did they go about it terribly, but what the mother eff.

I figured out my boss was leaving. He’s not stupid.

They told me at 11:30 yesterday, and then made me stay at work ALL FUCKING DAY. Which is fine, but it was announced to the entire office at the 12pm “office lunch” that my boss and his associate would be leaving, so my last day is next Thursday. Way to blow up my spot. All day I had people coming by to say “Are you ok?” (No, I’m not fucking ok, you dipshit) and emailing about how they’re so sorry, and didn’t see it coming.

They told me yesterday, and they expect me to work after my boss’ last day (today) and his associate’s last say (Tuesday). Why? “Because there’s going to be a lot to clean up.”

There is an assistant on maternity leave for the next 6 weeks. She does jack shit, people don’t like her, she has terrible work ethic, people have asked to be transferred away from her because she’s a terrible employee and a terrible assistant….but they’re keeping her. And they didn’t even offer to have me stay on till she comes back. With the exception of the managing partner (the only one that matters, I guess), no one wants her there.

I think part of why they’re not keeping me till then is because it’s past my one year mark. When you’ve been employed for a year, you’re entitled to more things if you’re laid off. I think it’s fucking low.

I also didn’t tell PJ because I didn’t want to mess up today’s driving. Yesterday, he was sitting in 2nd place, and with a good run today, he could have won. I don’t think he’d win if he were worried about me. As soon as they were done I called and told him and he was less than sympathetic. He said, “Well just get another job then.” It was as if he were saying “You lost your hair clip? Just go get another one.” Granted it wasn’t the most ideal time, since he was in impound (where you finalize results, check out the legality of other cars in your class, and generally congratulate the winners and trophy positions).

When I told my parents, they were on their way to dinner. When I told my brother, he didn’t really have any advice because he’s on his first “interviewed-for-it” job. 

I have never felt more alone in my life.



  1. oh no…=(that really sucks. dont they have to tell you weeks in advance when it comes to this type of thing? (i dont know how this works ive only held per diem positions at my current and past workplaces).well, PJ was less than sympathetic probably because he was sad about it too=/  dont worry! im sure he will help you find a new job.its okay. cheer up! 🙂 when one door closes it other one opens! maybe youll land a better job than this one.

  2. damn, that really sucks.  iono what else to say besides that 😦  I can almost say with certainty that they won’t fire the pregnant woman because that opens them up to a lawsuit (fire a pregnant woman?  big no-no, no matter what the real reason is).  I know it sucks, but after you drink yourself stupid tonight and maybe over the weekend, just get back up on that horse and go again.

  3. sorry to hear about this…well im sure you will get some unemployment benefits out of it… i suppose use the time wisely b/z youre getting paid by the gov’t to do nothing!

  4. Definitely make that stupid company pay for Unemployment!  I am so sorry!  They should get rid of the BAD assistant and put you there.  1. because people like you and 2. because you are productive.

  5. Gees, that profusely sucks! I would not be amused either. How come they didn’t give you any notice-dweebs.Okay so now you need to pull up your sleeves and start looking for another job. You gained new skills at this job,which makes you more marketable. I hope you have a good chilled weekend.xoxox

  6. Sorry about the bad news…..especially the poor way in which they did it.On the brighter side, at least PJ’s job is good which still provides a safety net as opposed to being alone with no income. Plus, this was a job that you never intended to career in anyway – it’s just unfortunate that leaving was on their terms instead of yours.This is really a squirrley economy that will likely continue to be shake for some time. It looks like the market has picked up some so the job search could turn up much better positions this time around. 

  7. I……I don’t know where to start. I won’t tell you I’m sorry because you’ve likely heard/read it more times than you could even bother to keep count or currently care. However, this does not mean I’m not because I am. Try to think of it like this: You’ve gained a few new skills from this. This is now just one more job/experience on your resumé which in turn puts you a few notches higher on the employment ladder than others, thus increasing your chances of finding and obtaining another job. One that is hopefully the same or better. In the meantime, just hope you get good compensation after how horribly you were ejected, drink until you feel nothing, sleep to regroup, and take the next day from step one. Also, at least you’ve got PJ. Although I can’t help but feel that he acted the way he did because he was disappointed in himself and his driving performance that day, thinking to himself that either 1) he can and has driven better and/or 2) he almost had First place. That’s just me, though as this may or may not have been the case. I’m just sorry he wasn’t as sympathetic and supportive as he should’ve been.I just hope it doesn’t take long for this to start looking up. After everything you’ve done, after all the sacrifices you made, and after all of YOUR time you gave to that company, you DON’T deserve this

  8. @KoreaKid87 – @SoullFire – @tulipB – @girl_smileyy – @npr32486 – @Yohkom – @youngsm – @deux02 – @whotakethmycoke – @rxglasshalffull – I want to thank all of you for your kind words and support. It helps to have a good support network, even if you guys are virtual. I’ve been really alone the past 5 days…no PJ, my parents are kind of at a loss…I’m not really sure if or when I’ll have totally digested everything.It blows left nut, I tell you. And the other half of it is, now I have the time to do everything I always wanted to do, and there’s just so much of it that I’m definitely overwhelmed. PJ’s job is still pretty good, but I was less than pleased with how he reacted the first time. Though, the second time he did say that he knew that wasn’t going to be my career, and he wants me to focus on doing things that will establish a good career for me. He comes around eventually, haha. I have a lot of options that I haven’t really been able to mull over with PJ yet, or my parents for that matter. It’s been kind of busy. I don’t know what’s going to happen, and I still have 4 days in the office (bastards), so it hasn’t really sunk in yet, I don’t think. 

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