2010 NER Awards Banquet

Last night was the 2010 SCCA NER Awards Banquet.

There was drinking. There was “Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!”-ing. There were lots of awards.

I got a worker award. A fold out camping chair with the region’s emblem on the back. I also won a raffle prize…the first of the night! I won a free entry to the 2010 Solo National Championships in Lincoln, Nebraska. (I am SUPER excited about that one, it saves me up to $300!). PJ won (another) jacket with “Season Champion” on it. Sigh. Maybe some day I will get one of my own.

I also received an award I had never heard of. The Lyn St. James Aspire Higher award. It’s given to a woman in the region, by the women in the region, for contributions to the Solo program. Not necessarily a top competitor, but someone that has hit the ground running with event management, filling in for whatever needs to be done. It hasn’t been awarded since 2006, and is only given when someone has earned it. I’m so proud to have my name on that plaque!

It was a great night. Lots of cheese and crackers. Food, drinks…we were classy. Brought our own liquor in my giant purse, because who wants to pay $9 for a shitty glass of wine? All in all, it was a wonderful night!



  1. Wow congrats on the award! Looks like pretty good prizes too. LOL, you bringing liquor in your purse reminds me of people who smuggle in like entire meals into the movie theater. Like one of my friends used to bring like KFC into the movies haha. Anyways just stopping by. Have a good sunday evening.cc.m.o.k.i

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