Yep, That Was Me.

After 4 years of working in a very strict, but exceptional boutique restaurant in Narragansett, I have a great deal of respect for the men and women that prepare, cook, and serve food, and clean up after us when going out to dinner. It’s not easy, and should you provide a good experience, you shall be rewarded. 

That being said, if I get bad service, my food is wrong or bad, or perhaps we were kept waiting for an hour for the check, I am the first to say that the server didn’t earn his or her tip. Despite this, I do understand when it’s the kitchen over the server, so I’m not one to make the server suffer. Even further, I am rarely one to send food back. If ever. So I asked for curly fries, and I got steak fries. So I asked for no cheese on my broccoli…I’ll still eat it. However, the ONE THING that I really can’t stand is when the chef can’t cook a piece of meat right. 

I like to think of myself as a burger connoisseur. I have ordered burgers in gourmet restaurants, diners, gastropubs, random food stands, and everywhere in between (and FYI, a Kobe Burger is really not even worth it…but damn was it good). So last night, PJ, our friend Roger, and I sat down to a few pints of beer and a burger at my favorite hometown hangout. I’ve been coming here since I was young, and been drinking here since I was legally able to, and they have some of the best burgers in the southern part of the state.

I ordered one of their new burgers, and ordered it medium rare, as usual. Our burgers arrived, and instead of a soft, juicy, pink burger, mine was a dry, charred lump. I sent it back, and they brought out another.

It was slightly jucier, but still cooked the whole way through.

Take three. Still cooked all the way through.

At this point, two managers came out, and I was so embarrassed. One of them said he would give me a prime Angus patty instead of another small generic one, and that he would order it more on the rare side.

It came out so bloody, I had to eat it with a fork, and eat around the middle. 

Yep, I got what I asked for. I was THAT asshole that sends her food back over and over again. I was completely mortified. Of course, after the second send back, I wanted to say, “No, just forget it, I don’t want it,” but the server and Manager #1 had already raced back to the kitchen. Next time, I will just shut up, not eat it, and get it taken off the bill.


***Note: that is not my burger in the picture…it’s a random picture off the internet. Though, mine did look scarily like that.





  1. I don’t think you were wrong for what you did. I mean, its not like you do it to be a nuisance–you really want to enjoy what you’re going to pay for, and you should. I don’t know though, what was worse…eating the charred burger or the bloody one? :XDid you work at a place called Turtle Soup? 😦 Lol…how could you! I love turtles! Hahaha I do have to admit…it has an interesting name. It reminds me of the old TMNT game when Shredder says “Tonight, we dine on turtle soup!” :).

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