Easy Way Out

I was talking to a Frenemy of mine, and she was complaining about a girl we both know. Said girl has tattoos all over her body: a farting bunny, the Mario Kart love song, pink cheetah print with all the guns from Modern Warfare 2, her car (2006 Subaru WRX STi), a random XKCD cartoon…She must have close to 20 tattoos.

Now, needles are not my thing. I’m deathly afraid. I pulled the gloves off the nurse once, when I was little. Getting my ears pierced was traumatic. I’m lucky I’m not a diabetic yet, because I would probably say “F it.”

So a tattoo is not in my near or distant future. However, if I *had* to get one, it would have to be something significant, no? Not just something random, or what I’m feeling at the moment…it’s got to mean something to me, right? Because it’s going to be on my body permanently…..or is it????

I told Frenemy something that I didn’t really think about at the time, but after a day or so of reflection, it has actually bothered me a bit more. I said:

me: I dunno, I guess there are lots of easy outs of bad decisions these days.
It’s unfortunate, because it means people with enough funds can continue to make poor decisions, as long as there is a way out

If said girl ever decides that she is sorry about her tattoos, she can just have them removed. So why not go crazy, with pink hair and insane tattoos everywhere…you can always take it back later. But then what the F is the point?

Example #2: Some of Frenemy’s other friends were talking at a bar one day. One of them said, “I always have unprotected sex. It feels better. And I mean, that’s what abortion is for.”


Yeah. She actually said that. So because there’s a way you can get out of 18 years of responsibility, after you choose to do something irresponsible, that makes your bad decisions ok? This struck more of a nerve with me than tattoo removal, but it’s along the same lines. You choose to do something, you regret it, but instead of living with the consequences of said decision, you can just wave some greens and it goes away.

I got to thinking that this is why people make snap decisions more frequently than they used to, and why young people seem to be so blissfully unaware (or maybe uncaring) of consequences. You want to get married? You want a tattoo? You don’t want to use protection? You want to take a class, but go drinking every night? There are ways around it, if you can afford it. Divorce, tattoo removal, abortion, even dropping classes because you’re failing, and not getting an F. It kind of makes me sad that so many people rely on the easy way out, instead of sticking it out with their choices and accepting the responsibility for their actions.

I wonder if these easy outs had never come around, that we as a society might think longer and harder about the choices we were going to make.



  1. Sadly, I doubt it’s possible. Even if this was somehow possible, some idiot would get lazy and find an ‘easy way out’. Then someone else would catch on then do the same then so on. It’s the way a lot of humans work today, sad to say. Most people, if not everyone, are always looking for shortcuts around everything because nobody likes doing (too much) work or deal with (great) consequences. For not being able to think things through, I pity today’s youth -_-

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