There is No Crying in Racing

There was certainly no need to, either. What a fantastic weekend. Lots of my friends won, trophied, or had some spectacular showings. I couldn’t have asked for better luck with weather, either (aside from maybe not getting sunburned). PJ won his first ever Pro Solo Class Win, our cars ran the whole time with no trouble, there was a wedding at practice on Friday night…tons of fun, I tell you.

Photo courtesy of Perry Aidelbaum

Of course, despite the no crying in racing rule, I almost cried this weekend….twice.

I was so nervous that I nearly threw up, and was fighting tears before my first runs. I went out, took a run, and came back shaking. On day 2, I positively BLEW the last run on the left side (and I really needed it to move up in the standings) and I felt my lip start to quiver. But there’s no crying in racing, I had the most fun I’ve had in a long time, and there were too many other winners from my region that deserved the attention. I learned a lot this weekend: You can’t let other people get to you, you have to learn how to focus like crazy, and it’s almost more important to support the team.

The pressure is enormous, and the stress makes you crazy. But once it’s over, you kind of wish there were more. It’s nice to relax, though. I had a friend teach me his tricks on relaxing at the start line, and they really work. I also kind of want to get married at Nationals in August (does that count as eloping?) to perhaps take away some of the wedding stress, right before we participate at the biggest event of the year. 

After I ran (and lost), and after she emerged as the top lady of the event (she won a huge runoff challenge), I told Heather (below, far right) that I almost pulled an Old-School-Heather, since she used to be notorious for crying when she didn’t win. She laughed at me, and said she was glad that she was able to remind me that there’s just too much good at these events to ruin it with a foul mood.

Photo courtesy of Wiley Cox
I find this picture hilarious. I look like I’m super short. 

The other things that happened this weekend, in no particular order:

  • We had 6 class winners, and 6 trophy winners. For those of you that care, results are here.
  • There was drama I will get into later, because I’m still fuming over it.
  • I nearly beat the girl on the far left, who I’ve been trying to catch for years (damn cones).
  • I remembered how to play Asshole. Believe me, even though you haven’t played since college, it only takes 3 beers and one turn as the Asshole to remember all the rules.
  • G-Fab Racing and its affiliates drank a bottle of SoCo, a fifth of Jim beam, and 8 6-packs of beer in two nights.
  • PJ was very proud of me, and told everyone I put on a clinic on how to launch my car, since I did it better than the 3 guys in the car…with a total of 30+ years of racing experience between them.

But best of all:

  • I beat the boys 🙂 There’s not much better than catching people you’ve been chasing for years.


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