I am smart. I have good work ethic. I’m a reliable employee. I use my brain and have common sense. I get my work done completely and efficiently, and I never say no to overtime, or another project, or helping out.

Despite these things, and despite positively glowing recommendations from past supervisors, I cannot seem to keep a job.

I take temp assignments when they come to me, and somehow I’m on my second assignment at Yale. I did think that because this was in a completely different department, in a different division, things would be different. 

Nope. Things are just as fucked up.

There was a team of four contractors (J and A), and a project manager, T (contract as well). The whole thing was headed up by a Yale-employed project manager, Jr. J and A had been there since November, T was contracted in April, and then TL and I came on in August. J was super possessive, and pretty nasty. She was unapproachable, cold, and very snobby. A was very sweet, but older, and was content to be an admin forever. T is very good at what she does, and is really on top of everything. Jr. is largely ineffective, can’t take responsibility, and while he is ever the diplomat, he’s extremely unprofessional.

J and A had their contracts extended a few times, but there was no work when TL and I came on, so on their last day (last Friday), they weren’t extended again. Of course, J took it out on TL and I. There was nothing we could have done, and it had nothing to do with us, but her personality is to not accept things, but to blame others and push her anger and frustration onto them. A had a few interviews before she left, so she was in higher spirits, but still a little sad.

Today was the first day it was supposed to be just TL, T, and I. TL was out having surgery, and Jr. is just never there. I got a call from TL. She called me to tell me she made it out of surgery, and that it went well, but then she asked me if they had told me that the project was being terminated on October 14, and not the 30th. Of course, this made me feel sick to my stomach. Yes, it’s only a few weeks early, but at the same time, that’s an extra paycheck for me. I told TL that my recruiter is not very good, so I’d probably have to email her, but then TL asked to speak to T.

T said a few things, and then offered to give the phone to Jr. I told them it was ok to pass my cell phone around, and I only heard his half of the conversation. “We’ve had to scale back a bit more……yes, we are scaling back….well, there is only enough work for one person, so we are scaling back our efforts…what number can I call you back at….” 

So basically…..TL is being terminated on the 14th, and I am being kept on till the contract expires. Not only did I find out in the most UNPROFESSIONAL way possible, that my coworker’s contract would be terminated early, Jr. didn’t even have the courtesy to talk to me later, or all day! It made things super awkward…I, once again, am left by Yale without any information about the status of my own job. I don’t know how I’m going to face TL in the morning – I looked like a complete idiot, and they chose me to stay over her. I really, really can’t stand this place sometimes….

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – this is the same place that wrote, on another employee’s review, that he comes to meetings and is usually so prepared, has done all his homework, and is ready to do the job, that it makes the other people in the room feel less adequate, and less prepared…so could he please dial that back a bit?



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