I think it’s both hilarious, and horribly ironic that the Occupy New Haven people have also occupied Starbucks on the Green.

Photo courtesy of thenextweb.com

However, instead of protesting, they are patiently waiting for their delicious, yet vastly overpriced coffee.



  1. Yes, and half of them are carrying iPhones. It’s because they are not protesting capitalism or free enterprise, but crony capitalism that uses taxpayer money to bail out the gambling banks; the system that serves the most advantaged at the expense of everyone else; and the government that is ineffectual at addressing these issues because of self-interest of the politicians.

  2. Maybe that’s what the original intent of the “Occupy” protest was, but I think right now, they have taken on a lifeform of their own, and hipsters are just protesting because it’s the newest trendy thing to do.

    “Don’t use my tax money to _____.” Oh really…YOUR tax money, you hipster Ivyleaguer that doesn’t work, and got into Yale on a scholarship because Mommy and Daddy are affluent enough to make donations…..while you tweet and Facebook how unfair life is because 75% of the state doesn’t have power – who do you think pays the National Guard, and the state workers to clean up the mess form storms? Who do you think pays for the state workers to clean up YOUR crap that you leave behind, to fill the holes from YOUR tents, and to clean out the porta-potties that you’re using to Occupy New Haven?

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