Whirlwindy City – Part 1

My trip to Chicago has come and gone, and I have to say that PJ’s dad’s side of the family is pretty darn awesome. We were there for a cousin’s wedding, which was by far one of the biggest and  the most lavish I’ve ever been to.

It was held in a gorgeous cathedral in downtown Chicago. You walked in, and saw how pretty it was, but then I saw the little pipes on the right of the altar – the only thing I could thing of was “How lame….amazing church, and a teeny organ.”

Then, I turned my judgmental self around to face the back of the church.

If there is one thing I love about big, elaborate churches is the organ, and the acoustics of it all. I was pretty impressed with the combination of old fashioned and modern aspects, especially because  Josh (the groom) was saying how there was a fire a while ago, and everything was recently restored. Maybe some day I”ll be by myself in one of the churches like this and try my hand at singing the Ave Maria, a la Sarah Brightman.

After landing at O’Hare late Friday morning, we were starving, and therefore needed food. Jojo found a Chinese place called Hong Kong Cafe that was cheap, across the street from our hotel, and had good Yelp reviews. To my surprise, it was very authentic (like when I was in China), and they had the BEST BUBBLE TEA EVER. It was fruit and ice in a blender, with the tapioca balls. I had a papaya tea one day, and mango the next. It was so good, that Jojo’s boyfriend Marc nearly didn’t want to give me my mango one back.

Scallion pancake, papaya bubble tea, and steamed potstickers.

Beef with broccoli - and it wasn't Americanized at all!

PJ didn't even save me any General's Chicken!

The rehearsal dinner was at  Fleming’s, a steakhouse that is more or less a boutique chain, with locations in most major cities. I planned a celebratory deal-closing dinner at one near us when I was working at the law firm, and everyone raved about it. (I didn’t get to go, of course.) I don’t think I have ever had a better steak in my life, and this includes the one in Omaha. The open bar and ridiculously amazing chocolate caramel ganache cake didn’t hurt the night either – getting to know PJ’s cousins (whom I had just met) was probably the best part though.

I love my dirty martinis! Very dirty, lots of olives.

Best. Steak. Ever.

My attire for the night consisted of Charlotte Russe jeans, my go-to peep-toe, slingback stilettos, and a (borrowed) Cynthia Rowley top. We didn’t thing to bring “going out” clothes, considering we were eleventh hour additions to the dinner (and weren’t in the wedding party/involved with it, though PJ became the unofficial photographer).

PJ has finally embraced the idea of H&M slimfit sweaters, so he had on a light wool one that just so happened to match my top. I’m hoping that they will expand that line, because they’re decently made and decently inexpensive. Like a moron, I am pretty sure I threw it in the dryer when trying to do all the laundry before the parental units return home and I am once again banished to the confines of PJ’s room. Stay tuned to see if I can fix the sweater or not….




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