Sex and Many Cities

Sex and the City was a show that sparked nothing short of a cultural revolution, where sex, designers, and strong modern women became household names.

It’s by far my favorite show, and I do watch it from beginning to end at times, but I never really thought I identified wholly with any of the characters – I suppose all women are a little bit of all of them – but lately I’ve been morphing in and out of them as if I were a SATC schitzo.

I find myself Charlotte-izing my extremely sexual friends. Telling them sex is special, not the most important thing in the relationship and should mean something. I tell them they’ll have a chance encounter and meet the White Knight of their dreams, and as long as they believe in romance and fate nothing can stop them. Generally I’m a lot more realistic than that, but sometimes I just feel the words spewing out. It’s not that I don’t believe them, it’s that they aren’t followed by a “but” to bring it back to reality.

Sometimes, I’m Samanthizing my more reserved and inexperienced friends, or the ones that are having bedroom trouble with their significant others. Yesterday, I literally called a vibrator “his replacement” and then we proceeded to talk about the best types – and how insecurity could overcome animal instinct. For the record, it’s not something I understand. I suppose I would classify myself as a sexual being, but I’m no where near Samantha – I enjoy being married and monogamous, and while adventurous, I’m certainly not a try-sexual (will try anything at once).

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I’ve even been Mirandizing people – tough love, no frills practicality, treating a relationship almost as if it were a business deal (which sometimes, it is). A relationship might not be a job, but it is work, and if the person isn’t performing and is slacking on deliverables, to (more or less) fire them. I’m a firm believer that a relationship does take work, but I’ve never treated it as something I had to do, like the latest TPS report.

The other interesting bit is that while those girls dish over cocktails and meals, I do most of it online – the several friends  are just MY friends, and they’re everywhere from overseas to down south to out west. I feel like I’m all four of them, giving out whichever persona the situation calls for.

While I wish I were able to give advice, lend a sympathetic ear, or just have some fun over dinner or drinks, I suppose I am lucky enough to even have close friends, even if we are scattered across many cities.


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