Poor Kid….

I know there are maybe 50-100 girls in the United States that share my former name. If you searched on Facebook, you’d see tons of little blonde girls and a realtor from Texas.

I think this is why I keep getting these emails…I feel bad for the kid – he obviously has the wrong email address and got himself into some drama. I haven’t responded to them, and I probably won’t, but they’re kind of funny to keep getting. Though, anyone who knows me knows that I would never be interested in a guy with such horrible grammar…



Email #1: 

To: me
Date: Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 9:08 pm
Subject: Hey

I figure I send you an e-mail didn’t want to blow up your phone. I’m sorry sexy. I wish I would of told you sooner, but still couldn’t make out what were doing here. Since I normally just play poker on DP didn’t think it was a big deal. Never thought I would meet someone on there and start talking to them. Then once I did, figure we would eventually just die down but we haven’t 🙂 so after pic was change and comment was made figure its was best if I switch accounts. Was just trying to avoid problems with her. I should of told u yesterday. I know your probably mad and I get that, but I hope u just don’t start pulling back from me. I hope to get some type of response from you.
MWAH!!!! Xoxo Billy…



Email #2:

To: me
Date: Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 1:02 pm
Subject: Us

Hey beautiful, I miss this thing we had. I know its my fault that were here right now, but i’m trying to make it right now. I no I should of just switch accounts before, but I was just trying to keep the peace with her and changing my account would of cause a issue. Which it did. I should of handle this before me and you even started talking, should of did when we broke up. I just didn’t think nothing of it cause I don’t use Facebook like that and poker was what it was a place to play poker. Never would of thought I would of met you on there and we would vibe like we did. Damn and maybe this was more on my part but shyt I was feeling you hard. I couldn’t never really make out for sure were your head was, but I didn’t take u for the type who was just talking to talk so u had to be feeling me to. Ma like I said yesterday i’m sorry. I just got stress after talking to my ex that I was just like fuck it i’m changing it now. I sent you a message before I deleted everything to give u the heads up. Now I wish I would of just text or call to explain the situation. Maybe we could of avoided this. I MISS YOU!!! You definitely got in my head sexy 🙂 either way I love it… Remember when I ask u for a kiss awhile back and you gave me a okkie dokkie follow by a kiss and I said I don’t want u to kiss me unless u mean it with everything in your body ? I no u remember lol well this is the same situation baby. I need you, how I had you I can’t have u pulling back on me now. I know I put doubt in ur head and i’m sorry for that. YOUR THE BEST SEXY!!! MWAH!!! xoxo Billy…


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