What does it mean when you have a dream about an ex-turned-occasional-friend?

In this dream, some of the bit part cast of Gossip Girl (don’t ask) and I were trapped in some place like Morocco or the UAE, and we were on a scavenger hunt/rat race to the finish line for this guy. While we were racing each other, we also had to work together because there was someone on our tail that, if we were caught, we would be executed. We had to perform tasks and climb over obstacles, and hide, all while in high-level designers and bright colors, somewhere in the Middle East. We had fabulous vacation-y events, but for the most part, we were running around for dear life, trying to both help and oust the next girl in line.

Photo from guardian.co.uk

Photo form vulture.com

Photo from destinationfilmlocation.com


Finally, the dream ended, and he had to choose a winner, and he left the log cabin (wtf?) that we had all gathered in (yes, log cabin in the desert). Then he walked out and I followed him, and we kissed. Movie ending.

We did a lot of making out, and he’s arguably one of the best kissers I’ve ever dated, but our relationship is the rare snarky quip at each other on Facebook, and the once-a-year call I make on his birthday. But he popped into my dream last night, and I couldn’t tell you why. Only that I should probably send him a text or something.


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