Acceptance Speech

Oh my gosh! I was not expecting this! Phew! What a surprise, and I’m so happy to be part of quite the achievement!

I’d also like to thank my family and friends -without your support and guidance, I never would have made my way to the beer tents, or figured out which ones were tasty. And I have to thank you for the occasional push in the right direction after having one too many.

As for the reasons I was even allowed to contibute: Primarily, I’d like to thank Fernando, because without him, I wouldn’t even have been there! He was really the pull, the driving force (haha) to get me to Texas in November. 

Fernando Alonso

And then I have to thank Nico, because without him, I wouldn’t have any hope for the future, but he really brought me to a better place after everything happened with the Spanish/Russian conquests. When I return it will surely be because of you….you know, unless the Spanish and Russians have come to a GRINDING halt and then well, we’ll have a little German/Spanish/Korean party! (wink wink)

Oh, and I have to thank my boss for allowing me to participate and really take the time I needed. I’m so lucky to have a boss that thinks this whole endeavor is as great as it is, and so worthwhile. 

Thank you again to everyone who contributed and made this possible, being a part of this is such a wonderful thing, and I say let’s make it an even $3 million in 2013! I love you all!


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