New Year’s Resolution: 1/12 Complete

This morning, I finished my January selection: The Beautiful and the Damned.

Normally I wouldn’t take literary recommendations from someone of the likes of Serena Van Der Woodsen, but I chose this as my January Book of the Month. She spoke about it so highly I had to read it – and I’ve come to the following conclusions:

  1. There is no effing way that Serena read this book, let alone liked it.
  2. The writers of Gossip Girl were making a statement about Serena, equating her to Gloria. A silly, superficial girl that has lots of money, lots of beauty, and not a lot of brains.

Despite my general displeasure with the book, being solely about Anthony and Gloria, and how frivolous they are, I kind of wished for a time like they lived in. Things were more proper, people knew their place, and a little hard work and charm could go a long way.

Sigh. Done with a classic. Now I need suggestions for my February book….



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