Why I Will Not Be Getting A Tattoo Any Time Soon

It’s been super nice weather out. PJ and I have been working outside in the yard. It’s been great.

We were hungry, so went to the new Chipotle for lunch. Inside I saw a guy, overweight, with his moobs hanging out of his ever so macho t-shirt with no sleeves.

On his side, I saw a few tattoos. There was the Katakana “ka” sound, and then a Chinese symbol. 

“Ka” courtesy of commons.wikimedia.com

I had to squint hard, and do several takes. Yes, indeed, it was the Chinese symbol for “tea.”

Courtesy of iapaneseteastory.blogspot.com

I thought that for a minute, perhaps “ka” and “cha” mean something, one after the other, but the symbols were pretty far apart and offset, so I figured that wasn’t the case. I heard on the radio today that sometimes tattoo artists make giant mistakes with Asian characters, and I figured this was one of them. I mean, how embarrassing would it be to tell people that you got the character for something like “strength” and they actually tattooed “girl” or something? I just spent how many hundreds of dollars and it’s permanent, and it says something wrong???? I don’t know if I”d be ok with that….

…….Or maybe this guy really loves tea. 


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