Someone, I think my boss, once told me something along the lines of “What you most try to avoid will consume you. ” Basically the more you try to avoid something there more prevalent in your life it becomes.

Well. I hate fat. I’m afraid of fat. And I’m getting really fat.

I had on a sleeveless dress tonight and my arm was pressed against my side. It was so large I had to do two double takes. I then went into the bathroom, where there is a larger mirror and better lighting. It was even worse.

I know I say this a lot but it really hit me. I need to get in shape. Round is no longer acceptable.

Tomorrow, I am going racing. I’m going to try to run the course. If I can do a few miles every other day I will be in good shape.

And hopefully the next time I see my arm in a mirror, I won’t be completely disgusted with myself.


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