Morning commute

I have a 33 mile, 45 minute commute to work down a major highway. I see a lot of things. Today, I saw three things, two of which make me question the sorry state of the nation’s drivers.

FIRST: An SUV came barrel-assing up next to me on the left. As he came into view, I noticed that there were billows of smoke coming from under the hood and out of the passenger wheel well. Ok, well it was actually everywhere. The guy paced me for about half a mile, and then he sped up, cut in front of me, and got over to the breakdown lane. Yes, he pulled over, but it seemed to take him a good distance to notice the smoke pouring out from the front of his car. Are drivers today really that distracted that they can’t notice this?

Image courtesy of

SECOND: I saw a jeep wrangler towing an enclosed box trailer. “Wow,” I thought to myself. “I didn’t know Jeeps had enough power to do that!” Then I noticed the wheels shaking – the front suspension might as well have been a shake-weight. The wheels were wobbling, the entire front end was moving from side to side (and it was very alarmingly visible since the jeep was lifted), and the driver was still maintaining a pace to go with the flow of traffic. There’s no way you wouldn’t feel that through the steering wheel, or hear the clunking and wobbling. It looked like they were going to lose the entire front, like the wheels would just fall off, and take the all the suspension with it. And the driver just kept driving, with no worries.

Like this, but far less spectacular. Image courtesy of

At least the third thing I saw was pretty cool. It was a big giant truck with SCCA and NER stickers all over it. I saw him, passed him, and he followed me for a mile or so. I assume he saw the same stickers on my car. It’s nice to have camaraderie on the road.

Lord knows we need it, since most of the time we’re dodging smoking and unstable vehicles, and completely oblivious drivers.


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