New Year’s Resolution Complete!

My original resolution for this year was to read a book a month, for a total of 12. 

I don’t remember where I left off, but I’m pretty sure I’m done with the 12 – and it’s not even 6 months in!

I finished The Ramen King and I, and following that I read something else, but it was so memorable, I forgot. My next foray was into youth literature (I know, don’t judge me). They were easy reads, so I read the series in about a week – all five books. 

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I’ll be honest, they were not long, nor challenging, but they were entertaining. And they were mythologically accurate, so it was fun. And I think that puts me over the 12-book 2013 requirement! Yay I followed through on a resolution!

I suppose I could stop now, but I realized just how much I enjoy reading. And so I’ve started another book: Inferno, by Dan Brown. 

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I know I’ve been sticking largely to fiction, or historical fiction, or mindless entertainment. But at the same time, I suppose we all need some of that at some point in our lives.



    1. Ok fine, no spoilers, though I’m pretty sure if you read the other few Robert Langdon books, you’d have no issues guessing how this one goes….

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