The Devil Wears…..

…..whatever she wants, really.

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A small disclaimer: I was going to write this review after reading the second installment, so they work as a whole unit, but I’m like 65% of the way through Book 2, and am really having trouble finishing it. 

My usual MO is to read the book before seeing the movie. because the book is always better. I didn’t know this was a book until after I saw it, which is unfortunate, because I loved this movie, and I loved it a LOT. There are quotable lines, there are absolutely amazing clothes, and who doesn’t love Meryl and Stanley?

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Add the New York City setting, Emily Blunt’s chic British redhead snark, and a hot guy in the form of Simon Baker. And really, when there are lines like “Cellulite is the main ingredient in corn chowder” and that Nigel is from Rhode Island….let’s be honest. This screams “ME!”

That being said, I was hoping the book would have a bit more into the world of Miranda Priestly. I suppose I don’t know exactly what I wanted, since the movie was so good, but I know I wanted…more. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself more and more frustrated with youth, and though Andy is 23 in the book (and I am only 28), I found myself increasingly irritated with her attitude and approach to work. Let’s face it – we’ve all worked somewhere we had no interest in, and for a boss that seemed impossible at the time. The book, instead of a coherent story, seemed like a laundry list of a year’s worth of errands and demands from a boss who, while difficult, isn’t terrifically unreasonable – just curt and rude. And it’s not like the CEO of a hugely powerful corporation wouldn’t be the same way to his PA – that’s the entire point of the job!

Being that it is a book, I’m sure things were embellished from real life, and then even further embellished into the movie – but in the movie, they worked. In the book, the narrative was jumpy and the character development had far less depth than I would have expected. I did enjoy the delicious descriptions of the designer clothing and accessories, but I can see them for myself on Google – I don’t need a page and a half describing a Chanel jacket and Hermes bracelet or scarf.

Overall, I’m happy I read it because I have something to compare the movie to. While I wish I had followed my usual pattern of reading, then watching, it wasn’t a horrible beach read – if complaining about doing your job, no matter how stressful or ridiculous and unreasonable it seems – is your thing.


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