Anyone who knows me knows I have a poor reputation for maintaining my cell phone. It’s always got a cracked screen, lost, or not working properly. However, my last phone not only has a case, but a screen protector as well. I’ve been working really hard to keep it in good condition. 

That being said, my phone was left in the car I race. Said car lives in the Washington DC area, nearly 6 hours from me. While I am sad that I don’t get immediate notifications about emails, Facebook, or Twitter, I think I can manage. I had a conversation with a friend on our house phone (circa 1994!) yesterday – and it was funny. So I’m getting along without a phone ok – I should have it back by the weekend.

The only moment of panic was when I tried to navigate to an Indian restaurant yesterday – I’d never been, don’t know the town, and had no idea where to go. How did I ever survive without Google Maps and navigation? I had to literally write the directions down. Jesus. What is the world coming to?


One comment

  1. 1-cute title
    2-Don’t fight with Fate. Clearly you’re not meant to avoid phone shenanigans. You got a screen protector. Fate saw your screen protector and raised you a wrong car.

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