Be aware of your surroundings.


On Tuesday, I worked late. I have a short walk to my parking garage, only about 3 blocks. I have to cross a paved walk/bike way, that runs perpendicular to my path going to my car.

I noticed someone coming towards me, about 50 yards away, when I was leaving the building. A man, in baggy clothing and smoking something (not a cigarette). He was walking funny, but oh well, sometimes I walk funny with my big purse. I crossed the walkway, and started towards the garage. Halfway through the first block, I realized the man was behind me, and was catching up. He was saying something to me, asking for something, but I was on the phone with my husband, and was talking loudly on purpose.

By the time I got to the end of the first block, he was less than five feet behind me. He kept asking for things, and as I crossed the street, another girl passed me. He backed off a little, but by the time I made it across the street and onto the second block, he was directly behind me. His shadow kept getting closer and closer to me, which was my only gauge, as I refused to turn around and make eye contact. I was close to the end of the second block by now, and where I usually take a left and walk along the “projects” till I get to the back entrance of the garage, I was contemplating going for a longer walk, to the official entrance, just to be around more people and not have to walk next to a dangerous area.

Fortuitously, a security guard in a security vehicle made a surprise turn down the street at the end of the second block, where I would normally turn to walk along the projects. The man threw up his hands and turned around. I decided to walk to the official entrance anyway, and ended up walking near an elderly grandmother with her granddaughter, and a jogger. 

I was a little shaken, but I made it to my car and home safely. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings, so you can report when something is different, or unusual. You never know what might happen to you……

….and now I’m figuring out the laws in my state for Mace or pepper spray. Working in the ghetto sucks sometimes. 


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