RIP Maria de Villota

“At the end of the day, my natural habitat is in a car and I am happiest in that environment.”

~Maria de Villota

Photo courtesy of

I woke up today and immediately checked my Twitter feed to see the results of P1 and P2 in Japan. Instead, my entire feed was about Maria de Villota. The first tweet I saw was actually Fernando Alonso’s, who had a RIP in there, and I immediately clicked on a news article.

She was a test driver for Marussia F1 team last year, and suffered a horrible accident where she lost an eye, and in all reality, was lucky to be alive. She was found dead in her hotel room in Spain yesterday morning, at the age of 33. Spanish police are saying natural causes, but that’s yet to be determined. In any case, it’s a very somber day and hopefully they’ll do a nice tribute on Sunday at the Japanese GP.

Photo courtesy of

Personally, I’m saddened by this news for a number of reasons. She seemed to be in very good spirits, continuing her ambassador roles and being a positive inspiration to everyone as someone that overcame tragedy and kept going. She was one of four women in F1, and was a wonderful example to all young girls that aspire to participate in motorsports. And she handled herself with grace and poise, before and after her accident. 

Formula 1, all women living in a man’s world, and everyone that loves racing has lost a special individual. 


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