Yes, Eye Muscle Spasm, I’m talking to you. It’s been….four days now? Since Wednesday night, you’ve been going crazy – what has you so upset? I’ve tried more sleep, less caffeine, more caffeine, more ACV (yes I went out and bought more). I’ve tried no food, lots of food, greasy food, raw food. I’ve tried exercise, sleep, relaxing, hot showers, cold compresses….I’m really not sure what else you want?

I know you’re probably enjoyed your time making me excessively self-conscious, as well as extremely annoyed, but don’t you think that someone else deserves a turn? I mean, I can’t even put my eyeliner and mascara on properly due to your little joking ways. 

Anyway, it’s been fun, but I’d really appreciate a break from you. Soon. And permanently. 


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