Just Another Manic Sunday

Saturday night began the happiest I’ve been in a really long time. I went to a bridal shower that was a) faster than I expected, b) more fun than I expected, and c) I looked better than I expected.

I also took a trip down to Narragansett Beach – something I try to do whenever I’m home. Growing up by a real beach (because beaches in CT are NOT real) spoils you. You get used to being able to access the sounds and smells of the sea whenever you want, and when you aren’t able to, you get antsy and feel like something’s been ripped out of your soul.

I’ve always loved the ocean, and the feeling of the sand beneath my toes – at any temperature. I was lucky enough to have something as iconic as The Wall (and the Narragansett Towers) a hop, skip, and a jump from where I grew up. I drove down to the beach before I started my long journey home, and felt supremely happy. The Wall is where I grew up – met my first car-enthusiast friends, had romantic dates and walks, sat and planned my life, and let the waves carry away my worries. And it’s like a time capsule back to a happier date whenever I return.

One really cool thing about The Wall is that the rocks on the other side are accessible – so sometimes people will hop the wall and make sculptures. Narragansett can be quite rocky, and it’s an unspoken courtesy that if people are creating these works of art, you leave them be until the tide comes in and washes them away. Even with angsty teens – everyone knows that these sculptures are sacred.

If you look carefully to this man’s left, you can see the other two balancing statues he’s created.

Perhaps it was taking in all the salty air, and driving the 2 hours home with the crashing of the waves ringing in my ears, but on Sunday I awoke early and began the most Zen day I can ever remember in my life.

I wasn’t racing – there was a test and tune in New Jersey, and while I received several texts about how people wished I was there – for one of the first times, I didn’t. I was so supremely happy with spending a gorgeous, sunny day outside doing exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to go for a run, so I did. Halfway through getting dressed after my shower, I wanted to clean my house, so I did. In a bra and jeans. It must have been quite the sight for then neighbors! I wanted to change my tires, so I started the process, and halfway through that, I decided that I wanted to change my brakes, so I attempted to (all my tools were missing and really, a 100-lb girl trying to force bolts to loosen after 15 years of rust just doesn’t work sometimes). I read some of The Princess Bride. Yes, the actual book. I wanted a Mexican spaghetti squash casserole, so I went shopping and made one. I watched Formula 1 Bahrain qualifying. I watched The Fast and the Furious. It was just a really good day, and for once, I was thinking about only things I wanted to think about, and only doing the things that I wanted to do.

Image courtesy of http://www.freshome.com

I think I need more weekends like this past one. I have not been this happy in a very long time. 



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