My Grains

For the last two days, I’ve been dizzy, nauseous, my teeth and left eye have felt like they’re going to asplode out of my head, and I’ve been throwing up everything I eat and drink. Yes, I’ve had a migraine, and it’s probably the worst once since high school.

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Yep. That picture is exactly how I was on Monday night. Literally. I was laying on my kitchen floor, throwing up into a recycling bin. It was glamorous, let me tell you. Tuesday I went to work, only to head home after an hour of bright lights and noises, and staring at a computer screen. 

Tuesday night I was feeling capable of functioning, so I decided to keep with my grains (har har har) and baked some oatmeal brown sugar cookies, with peanut M&M’s.

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a great cook, and probably a better baker. But my biggest flaw is that I never write anything down. Ever. I have made cheesecakes that make people tear up, and I have cooked dinners that people make themselves sick on. They overeat these things because I never follow a set recipe, and I never write down how I alter the guidelines.

think I sort of remember how much brown sugar, and how many egg whites. I sort of remember how many bags of M&M’s, I kind of remember how long I baked them for, maybe 10 minutes? Or was it 11.5?


Look how colorful and spring-like it is!

I will say, the most satisfying part of baking cookies, for me, is to put in the addition. The candies, the nuts, the fruit…you have this sort of ugly brownish (or whitish) batter, and then all of a sudden, it’s a splash of color! I think in this case, I’m longing for spring so badly, that it made me extra happy to see all the pastels. Anyway, I’m sending most of these cookies to Ohio, but I’ll be sure to taste test one before all four dozen of them head off tonight. 


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