I <3 NY! Part One: Brooklyn

Image courtesy of wikimedia.org

I mean, really. Who doesn’t? And if you do hate NY, there’s a lot you’re missing. The people, the food, the sights and sounds and smells….

I spent Friday night and Saturday in The City (as most people within 2 hours call it), and until I walked around all of the lower half of Manhattan, I had nearly forgotten how much I actually love it there.

A few years ago, I knew several people that lived in various neighborhoods and loved houseguests. I frequented the Upper East Side, where my best friend Anna had a 250 sq ft apartment with one bed, pink walls, and a bodega down the street that sold beer till all hours of the night. When she moved back to Russia (check out her blog here!) a few years ago, and then the mutual friends we had drifted and/or moved across the country, I was left with no crash pad and no reason to jump on Metro North after work and head to the center of the Universe.

Another friend of mine, who has spent the last 10 years gallivanting around the word for work, was fortuitously in the city for the weekend. It had been ages since I had walked a hundred miles, eating my way (and subsequently burning off all those calories), through the boroughs, and because this friend and I rarely get to see each other, I took the opportunity to visit him, and see how much you can change when you never sleep.

I began my Saturday in Brooklyn….

….and searched for fun things, like sights and people. And then I came across Brooklyn’s idea of a beach….

…..a self-proclaimed beach brat, I snickered to myself for a bit…and then I found the real beach!….

….and because the Rhode Island Girl is strong with this one, I climbed down and played in the sand and walked along the (15′) of shoreline. And upon climbing back up, I realized I wasn’t supposed to have taken that detour….

…..so instead I walked along the boardwalk and enjoyed the sights of the bridge and Manhattan skyline…..

….and enjoyed the fun sculptures of eggs that are now found all over the city (seriously, if anyone has insight to these eggs, please comment and let me know)…

…and then ended my short visit to Dan Humphreyland by taking in some fun street art….

….I hopped in the car, and headed to Flushing….stay tuned for Part Two!





  1. OMG this is a gorgeous post. The photos are perfect, so colorful and so Brooklyn (ugh). I feel like I need a photography class bc mine arent as fun. No idea about the eggs, but when you find out – please let me know.
    PS – thanks for the shout-out 🙂

    1. I felt very out of place, staying in Cobble Hill and not being anything CLOSE to a hipster, but Brooklyn has (don’t kill me) some really great aspects, and if I had to move to a non-Manhattan borough, I might consider it.

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