I <3 NY! Part Two: Queens

After my jaunt in Brooklyn, RJ and I headed to Queens for some good dim sum at the Good Kitchen Seafood Restaurant. Don’t let the name fool you – it’s not just seafood. It’s a traditional dim sum place where they wheel around carts, everyone is yelling in Cantonese, and you will eat till you can’t move (really – I couldn’t move). I don’t speak Cantonese, so it’s a good thing RJ’s dad’s friend owns this place, and RJ speaks it like a boss. We ordered what felt like several hundred dishes, and the bill came to about $40. Sure, sounds like a lot for lunch, but the actual size of the dim sum itself was so big, we barely finished everything.

As things come out in waves with the carts, I didn’t take any pictures – it’s very different from my typical dim sum experiences, where we order 15 dishes that all come out at once….I will say that I got way more full when they came out in waves, rather than all at once – so it’s a good thing that Part Three involves 27104153612084 miles of walking. 

In case you are unfamiliar with dim sum, this is what it typically looks like:

These photos are from a place in New Haven, but generally they are more or less the same. I like to think of them as a Chinese version of tapas. Small plates, a few of each, and you can try them all. 

The trip into Queens was short-lived, but my little friend Francois the Panda had a little adventure with a Great Stone Dragon – something he probably won’t be doing again any time soon.

Part Three to come!



  1. How come we’ve never gone for dim sum together? This needs to be fixed pronto.

    Did you explore any Queens neighborhoods? Astoria can be fun (says a Manhattanite).

    1. I think perhaps we were always concerned with Bud Light and AYCE Sushi. And burgers. And double breaded chicken.

      We were literally in Queens for dim sum only, but I do need to head back to Manhattan, so maybe I’ll make a stopover and explore a bit. Any recommendations?

      1. Austin Street inn Forest Hills is a lot of fun for shopping and dining, it’s sort of The Village of Queens. And Astoria is a go-to place for beer gardens.

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