I <3 NY! Part Three: Manhattan

Save the best for last, I always say. Or not, but that’s not the point. Part One and Part Two weren’t bad, right? Today marks the last, and my favorite, part of my weekend in New York: Manhattan.

Image courtesy of city-data.com

Ah, the island of Manhattan. I’ve always loved it, always wanted to live there (damn you, poor choices of my youth), and I’ve always tried to visit when I can. Being as that I am a competitive racer every weekend from March to November, and I also no longer have an apartment at which to crash when I visit, it’s put a drastic dent in the bi-monthly (or even weekly!) trips to the city.

In previous years, when Anna (expat blog found here) lived there, I would take Metro-North for $28 round trip, and cab to her place. We’d have dinner (typically sushi delivery from Yuko Sushi on 81st and York), we might go out shopping to buy pretties, and generally walk around and have a lovely time. It was a routine, I was happy and comfortable with it, and I miss it, and her, terribly.

Last weekend, my adventure around Manhattan consisted of things I had never actually really taken the time to do before – and it was a ton of fun:

Heading in from Queens, I got stuck in traffic….


….and I finally made it to the West Side (it was a looooooong ride), and walked along the High Line, viewing some interesting artwork….

….and I took in some street art…

….and some of the best advertising I’ve ever seen…

…and generally enjoyed the sights, but once the two mile walk (up and back) was over, I wandered around, ending up in Chinatown, where I ate candy I haven’t had in eight years…

…and I decided to visit my other people, and began heading up to Little Italy, where I encountered more street art…

…and eventually found myself at Ferrara

…where I admired their Easter display…

….and then after I had stuffed myself full of pastries, I went down to hang out in the Flatiron district…

…and visited Mario Batali’s Eataly

…where I was so overwhelmed, I had to walk more, so I went down to Washington Square…. 

…and realized that I was finally so tired (11 miles is a lot of walking in wedge boots!), I had to head back up to Grand Central…

…to begin my long journey home. 




  1. omfg how did you make your pix look like that? GOOOORGEOUS. And food, glorious food! and street art! you’re almost making me regret picking Florida 😛

    1. I’m so happy you like them 🙂 The food was delicious – I didn’t get to take pictures of some other small street treats in Chinatown, since I ate them, but I could feel the cellulite starting just staring at those pastries at Ferrara.

      Florida is a fun place to visit, but NY is home. 🙂

    1. If I lived anywhere near Ferrara, I’d be 3000 lbs!

      That Hulk baby was kind of crazy… I have 0 artistic ability, so the 3D look is super fascinating to me!

  2. I love the art work on the walls especially the green hulk-like thing and your photos of Little Italy and the cake shops really made my mouth water. I haven’t had my dinner yet you see! Thanks for the post. I came from Anna’s blog..

    1. Thanks! It was super fun to walk around and take those, though I’m pretty sure I annoyed my friend – I’m sure you get even better photos in Germany, and when you’re at home in the UK. I’m uber jealous! 🙂

      Anna’s great, isn’t she 🙂

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