Haven on Earth, Part 2: The Door Is Always Open

New Haven is full of wonderful, old architecture. If it ever stops raining, I’ll take a walk around again and show you.

A bit ago, Lady of the Cakes wrote about doors and windows, and upon reading, I suddenly realized that there’s more to a building than a facade and carvings in the walls. Lately, it’s been a tad chilly and the weather’s been grey and uncooperative, so I’ve been hustling into the buildings, head down, and just waiting for a blast of warm, dry air. Unfortunately, that doesn’t say much for my appreciation of the design and aesthetic appeal of the campus, and the entryways through which some of the greatest minds have passed.

This is the entrance to Woolsey Hall, at the Yale School of Music. Situated at a busy intersection, there are recitals, concerts, musicals, and theater events year round for the Yale community.

The Peabody Museum has three floors of dinosaurs, astronomy, and rotating exhibits like one on avians, early Peruvian civilization, and Connecticut-specific finds.

A (poorly shot) close up of the entryway.

New Haven is pretty old, and because Yale owns most of the city (no joke), they’ve maintained a lot of integrity of the original architecture. Of course, the buildings aren’t really used as they used to be, so Yale has converted them to university-use buildings. The result? The students of Yale get to live and study in some of the most beautiful facilitiesI’ve ever seen.

If I had a window like that for my dorm room window, I’d probably sit at it and daydream all day, and then fail out of school. >.<

New Haven gets a bad rap for violence, but there are pretty tight security measures. Note the iron bars behind the old gateway

Yale is always growing, changing, and updating. But despite all the modernization, sometimes you just need that little extra. Like when heading into the new, updated School of Engineering, you see something that instantly brings you back and reignites your interest in learning sciences, maths, and theories that have been around for ages.

I’m not a religious person by any means, but there is some saying…”something something something God closes a door and opens a window.” If the doors and windows look like this, I am happy to have any one of them opened for me.



    1. I am discovering a newfound appreciation of them. I’m going to try to notice them moreoften from now on. Also, you have a great handle 🙂

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