¡Viva España! El Segundo Día: La Escritura en la Pared

Although I had gotten (a bit) lost trying to get to Calle Mira el Sol, by the time Tuesday rolled around, I might as well have been a local – you know, aside from the whole “Spanish” thing.

I figured out that the Atocha train station wasn’t far, and decided to head that way, since that’s the general direction of the Prado Museum. I was walking, walking, walking, down Calle de Embajadores, and upon reaching the intersection of the aforementioned street and Calle Miguel Servet, I came across a wall.

Google Street view took pictures of this wall in March 2014. Perfectly plain, moderately clean, and sort of boring. UntitledLuckily for me, someone had commissioned crazy artwork to be painted on the wall, so each block was its own mural, done by different artists.

If you look, there’s the heart again. I do like the whole “love your city” theme. If residents take pride in their city, then it becomes a place you’d want to live in, and a place others would want to visit. Embajadores is doing a really good job of that, because I definitely want to go back.

And here are a few closeups of my favorites. For some reason, all the photos I took of each mural didn’t come out – and as touristy and obnoxious as it is, on a return trip, I might have to break out the D7000 and a kickass lens. There’s just way too much beauty and creativity to be captured with a cell phone camera.

This one is by far one of my favorites that I saw on the whole trip. It was really cool just looking and trying to identify everything.

This reminded me of my Trapper Keepers in junior high. People would write random quotes on them in gold and silver paint pens. The only thing I was mildly disappointed in is that my favorite saying is not on this mural: Lo mejor está por llegar.

There are TONS of political statements all over the city – did I mention that?

Again, with the weird tiny penis obsession – I really don’t get it, but I thought it was funny. Sort of like Michelangelo and Il Davide. Someone should tell the Spaniards that size matters.






  1. Incredible art. I am jealous of the abundance of it – Moscow needs more. At the same time I am not sure I am down with all the headless dystopian stuff. Or tiny penises.

    1. I cannot say I came across that glowing penis….In fact, at some point I just stopped taking pictures of everything phallic…but really! What’s the obsession! Maybe we don’t have enough sex in our lives….

    1. It reminded me of this Japanese ladder technique to make decisions. All the artwork there was incredible – I feel like I missed so much of it.

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