¡Viva España! El Cuarto Día: Toledo, Part 2

As Simone and I trekked around the hilly city, I realized I could have spent at least a week here without ever getting tired of the view.

There’s nothing like a little river separating your city dwelling and country home, and I could only imagine what it would have been like way back when. I think I’d look rather smashing in the old fashioned clothing.

Along the beaten path, there were fun little plaques along the way. The history of the city is fascinating, and I could only imagine the pilgrimages that happened way back when.

This map was a little intimidating at first, but I love to walk, it seemed like it would be an adventure to get around the city. Challenge accepted!

We finally made it to the bridge where we’d cross into the city proper. The views really are spectacular. I love bridges and this one is no exception. One thing that does make me sad is the pollution of waterways where people used to frolic, fish, and generally enjoy the cooler breeze down by the banks. I’m no tree hugger, and I’m certainly not a huge environmentalist (Sorry to those who are, but I race cars…), but when I head home and can’t swim or go crabbing in the river where I did as a child, it does make me a bit weepy.

Crossing the bridge into the city was something really amazing. Looking over was a bit challenging (damn you, 4’11” height!), but at least there was no danger of falling into the murky water! I came to the town on Anna’s advice and Simone’s promise that she’d show me around, but I didn’t know much about it aside from that it was very, very old. I didn’t realize what an experience I was truly in for until I got to the other side.



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