¡Viva España! El Cuarto Día: Toledo, Part 5

Simone and I walked and walked and walked…And when one walks so much, one ends up seeing many interesting things.  From the street signs to the museums, the city did not disappoint.

The first street sign I saw in Toledo was this one:

IMG_20140525_051029What really caught my eye with this sign was the bottom tidbit.  Yes, it does say “Antique instruments of torture.”  Being Catholic, and a Mel Brooks fan (and from that moment on, singing “The Inquisition” from History of the World, Part I in my head every time I thought of it), I was intrigued by whether or not the cinematic devices I’d seen in movies were historically accurate – but there was SO much to be seen in the rest of the city, that we skipped the exhibit.  Luckily, a bit later, Simone snapped some photos of the torture devices, and I’m happy to report that the ones in the movies are, indeed, somewhat accurate.

We ended up at the Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo, which is easily one of the most magnificent cathedrals I’ve ever seen up close.   I couldn’t back up enough to get the whole thing in my crappy phone’s view.  It was Spanish, it was French Gothic, it was impossibly ornate, and it was gorgeous. IMG_20140703_094231


Puerta de los Leones

There was a lot of Don Quixote and Miguel de Cervantes, and with a few more days, I would have wanted to go see the windmills.  There were a few lovely substitutes for the windmills, including a statue of my new boyfriend:

IMG_20140703_094439There was a huge celebration of the 400th anniversary of El Greco’s death, so while we didn’t make into the exhibit, we got to see the insane asylum where he did much of his painting.  Simone told me that it’s now rented out for banquets and weddings and such.  How appropriate – you’ve got to be just a little crazy to get married as it is – so why not have the ceremony in the looney bin? 🙂

I did end up making it to a museum, and some of the old things in there were really very incredible.  The art was great, but even the walls, archways, and floors were incredible.

Other random, fun things I saw were: a race track from the Romans, giant aloe plants, pans hanging out of a window (like in current day southern Italy – or in my grandma’s kitchen), and a mosque.



There is not enough space to put up every fantastic picture and recount every wonderful experience I had in my 7 hours in Toledo.  Imagine if I had been there for days?!  I think I would have ended up with 2083653085 landscape pictures.   But it was so rustic, so charming, so wonderful, can you really blame me?






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