Look Ma, I’m Artsy!

Taking a short break from my soon-to-be-over Spanish adventures, I realized the other day that I had been playing around with quilling for the last nine months or so, and I had created some fun things. It’s basically rolling paper into shapes and gluing it down.  Sounds simple, but it’s actually kind of therapeutic.

Someone bought me some strips for Christmas, without knowing what they were, and I had to do a bunch of research.  Since then, I’ve been able to muddle through (aka watch YouTube tutorials) and create some things that have been kind of fun.  I’ve sent cards to Germany and Italy, given shower and wedding gifts, wished luck, and thanked people for the myriad of things they’ve done for me.



    1. The monkey didn’t seem important – it was a super fast card. And the MJ….well…let’s hope the recipient thinks it’s as cool….But I would totally make one again.

    1. I liked the whole “being creative with something new” aspect. Plus my relatives get all gaga over it, so it’s an easy way to get myself out of expensive gifts 😛

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