Haven on Earth, Part 3: Carving a Niche

Hollywood would have us believe that in college, you’re supposed to find yourself; to carve your own niche in society (and learn something…maybe).  And the prestige of the institution directly reflects the intelligence of the students matriculated there.

I’m here to tell you that the second statement is a big, fat lie.  These kids walk around in 20 degree weather in a flannel shirt and jeans, and wonder why they’re cold.  They know it’s going to thunderstorm out, leave their umbrellas at home, and complain that they’re soaked and their new suede boots are ruined.  They also step out in front of oncoming traffic without a second thought, because well….they’re at Yale.  No one is going to hit someone from Yale.   Unfortunately, motorists are largely non-discriminatory, and these kids are kind of idiots. IMG_20140911_122046858

To be fair, I’d venture a guess that by December, many of these signs will be taken down.  I figure that by then, the students have taken in all that New Haven. They know where they’re going and they have been staring at the buildings long enough that they don’t need to look at them anymore.  That last part is sad, because the buildings are truly gorgeous.  They’ve got ornate carvings, decorative windows and doors, and giant timepieces so you aren’t late to class.

If the students are staring at all of this architectural beauty and are getting hit by cars because of it, I can’t say I fully blame them.  Though I might suggest looking at it when you’ve fully crossed the street.



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