Te Extraño, España

I miss Spain.  

One week was enough to get me to fall in love with this place, similarly as to how I fell in love with Hangzhou. I miss walking around everywhere, I miss drinking at 11 am (obviously you need wine with your breakfast tapas!), I miss the odd shopping experiences, I miss the Spaniards.

I miss the food, too.  The delicious, mouth-watering, decadent, fantastic food.

Alas, I am stateside, and in the Northeast, and it’s really effing cold here.  There’s no trace of Iberian love anywhere.  Well, not really.  In an effort to catch up with a friend and recapture a bit of my May trip, we headed to a local restaurant where there’s a language barrier, ample food and drink, and corners in which one can tell secrets.



  1. This is all pretty perfect. I have been thinking more and more about revisiting Spain, particularly from the culinary angle. I wasnt too adventurous while there, eating lots of bacon burgers and chicken ceasar salads at VIPS…

    1. I couldn’t find a burger or salad if I tried while I was there. Even the “burgers” and “ham sandwiches” they had at the Irish pub were….not American in the least. I missed a lot of the sights, but I certainly got to have a lot of fun with the food. Road trip through Spain? (I’ll drive 🙂 )

      1. Aww, I just looked it up and they’ve closed! VIPS was a restaurant/convenience store chain, kind of upscale CVS in the front and TGIFriday’s in the back? My study abroad buds and I ate there ALL the time bc we were homesick for American foods, and also that’s where I’d get English-language magazines from The Economist to InStyle. And it was next to my house!

      2. No wonder. It sounds GENIUS, and like something we should totally implement in the states. Because who hasn’t gone into a convenience/drug store and bought food, just because….imagine if we could sit and drink beer and eat after shopping!

      3. It was seriously one of the best bacon cheeseburgers ever. They also had pancakes! We practically lived there, esp bc there was a VIPS in seemingly every semi-esidential neighborhood.

      1. At least SOMEONE had the good sense to realize that’s an absurd price! I’ll be back on a plane to visit you and eat cheap food soon 🙂

      2. At least SOMEONE had the good sense to realize that’s an absurd price! If this keeps up, I’ll be back on a plane to visit you and eat cheap food soon 🙂

    1. It was soooo good, but the server ended up overcharging us and giving us crap excuses as to why he couldn’t rerun the bill – sadly I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back 😦

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