Jenna Does Dallas, Part 2

I’m finally getting around to posting this, as I’ve been busy digging myself an igloo.  Seriously, the Northeast can’t catch a break lately.  I mean, it’s been frigid since December.  Or maybe that’s because I had no heat for most of that month…?  Either way, it was cold December and January, and now to kick off Febrrrrruary, we’re getting a metric fuckton of snow.

First, there was this, the Monday before the Super Bowl (26 Jan):


I’m in the 24-36″ of snow range.  Granted, we got like eight inches of fluffy powder, and the poor eastern part of CT, RI, and MA got completely pummeled with up to 34 inches, but at the same time, phew for me.

Then, there was this on Monday, 2 Feb:

This storm was a lot worse because it happened during rush hour on Monday night, and we were supposed to get 4-8″ of snow, but we got closer to the 8-12″ range.

It’s getting to the point where I’m starting to confuse Moscow with New Haven.




Can you tell which is which?

If that’s not enough, we’re getting MORE snow.  We got a few inches this morning, and we will get a few more inches this weekend.  No rest for the weak and the weary, I tell you.  So one would think that an escape to Texas would be most welcome.  A weekend excursion to the South, where sunshine and warmth are abundant and there are always green leaves….if you can find any trees, that is.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

I was eager to escape the winter weather, and was expecting a wonderful, green, lush landscape with mid-70’s temps during the day (yes, even in the dead of winter).  And I fully admit the weather here has taken a turn for the worse since my jaunt to Dallas, so maybe I should have saved my trip for now, but alas, I am not a meteorologist.  (If I were, I’d get to be wrong all the time and still make 6 figures, which doesn’t sound so bad.)

When I arrived, it was nighttime, and it was cold.  Forty degrees cold.  When I woke up the next morning, and tried to go outside, it was cold.  Fifty degrees cold.  My light spring jacket that I had packed wasn’t enough.  I spent much of my time indoors, and wrapped in a fleece blanket.  It was like Madrid-weather-expectation-versus-reality all over again 😦

Somehow, I got one nice day.  It was sunny and 68 degrees.  Talk about your crazy weather shifting.  It was a veritable heat wave!  And I so I took full advantage and managed to get outside, and even find some trees.  But leaves? BAHAHAHAHA.  No leaves.


And that water?  It’s a reservoir.  Nice place for a walk, run, bike, or stroll, but I missed the salty sea air.  Ain’t no coastline in Dallas.

Perhaps it will warm up if I decide to return sometime closer to spring, or if my next visit occurs in the summer, maybe I’ll be begging for the slightly cooler temps of New England.  Just a word to the wise – don’t expect warmth just because you’re South of the Mason Dixon.

In any case, the one nice day was enough to make me happy with the weather – looking back it was the best of both worlds.  Sunny and warm during the day, and getting to snuggle under a blanket at night.  And there was even a body of water.  Not a bad weekend, if I do say so myself.





  1. Spain is also battling an “ola de frío”… lots of snow in the North, and every day there’s another report on the radio about someone having died after cranking up an outdated heating system they’ve not used for years with unfortunate consequences.

    1. I think the snow is cleaner because most of the time, we take pictures during the storm, not after. You should have seen it on Wednesday. What a mess.

  2. Love that sunny photo of you. The no leaves thing is STILL so weird to me! And you know how you can tell US and Russian winters apart? Your snow is cleaner >.<

    1. I think the snow is cleaner because most of the time, we take pictures during the storm, not after. You should have seen it on Wednesday. What a mess.

  3. I don’t understand your numbers 🙂 Please write in proper degrees from now on 😉 It looks really pretty but I’m still happy we’ve only had a few sprinkles here! I once went to the Grand Canyon in February. I was on my way back from NZ where it was summer so I was in a skirt and flip flops – and stepped out of the airport into a blizzard. Then back into the airport to put on EVERYTHING in my rucksack 🙂

    1. It’s really, really cold here. I walked to work today in -14.5. In order, we have: 61-91.5 cm of snow; 86.4 cm of snow; 20.5-3-.5 cm of snow; around 24 degrees C; 4.5 degrees C; 10 degrees C; and 20 degrees C .:)

      1. Oh please, it would only be on those days that end in “Y” in English…but I suppose if you *really* needed a break, you could make it so it’s only on the days that end in “tag” in German 🙂

      2. There’s a porn out there, a super famous one, called Debbie Does Dallas. I also forgot that my cousin’s name is Debbie and she lives there (JUST A COINCIDENCE, THOUGH).

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